Canadian Artist The Trampoline Delay Releases New Single & Album – Out Now

A moniker for Canadian musician Pete Marino, The Trampoline Delay fuses catchy melodies and sometimes noisy rock sounds with 90’s and modern alternative influences. His latest release “In Your Head” is the last single from his new album In Your Head, both out now.

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 “”In Your Head” is a song about “that person”. It could be a friend, a boyfriend, your wife, a parent, or your nagging boss! But whoever it is, they always have something to say about you or what you’re doing wrong. Musically, “In Your Head” is fierce, noisy, chaotic, fast (both in tempo and in length), while maintaining an infectious quality that keeps it pounding “in your head” for days!” – Pete Marino (The Trampoline Delay)

What started as a few songs, quickly turned into an album’s worth, single by single being released to streaming platforms through 2021 and into 2022. An assorted mix of melodic and sometimes noisy indie rock tunes with hints of influences ranging as far back as ‘90’s power pop to the current alternative contemporaries.  Marino is no stranger to the Canadian music scene. His previous endeavours included fronting a buzz worthy indie act who garnered a CMW Indie Award nomination and landed several songs in TV and film soundtracks. While holding that past and those varied accomplishments close to heart they, like his daily commute, are very much in the rear-view and all focus is on The Trampoline Delay and what lies ahead. 

With a knack for writing catchy melodies and with more life experiences under his belt versus his earlier tenure, Marino’s latest material is starting to garner stronger reactions and evoke more emotion from those listening. The Trampoline Delay recount stories and emotions that are relatable to many. Life happens, good and bad. Isolation, though inherently bad can also be good. With this body of work, born in isolation and about unpacking the good and bad, The Trampoline Delay hopes listeners ultimately hear and feel the good. So, whether you finished Netflix, own a cupboard full of impulsive Amazon finds or are still taking meetings from The Simpsons’ living room, one thing is certain, don’t be surprised to discover a connection, some common ground, or shared emotions in The Trampoline Delay’s highly contagious blend of indie rock.  

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