Canadian Breakout Pop Producer Ceesar Creates Heat Waves With New Summer Single, “All In”

It’s set to be a hot summer this year, and Canadian pop artist and producer Ceesar is doubling down on the heat. Delivering good vibes through serotonin-packed beats, Caesar’s newest single “All In” is set to dominate summer playlists — and is available now!

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Here to hand-deliver summer vibes to listeners as cities start to shake off the remainders of spring, Ceesar’s newest single is an enticing mesh of pop and EDM, radiating sweet lemonade vibes. Sugary synth hits and thick bass riffs laced throughout give “All In” an alluring aesthetic that is impossible to ignore. 

The song’s memorable lyric structure gives “All In” plenty of replayability while giving listeners something to chant along as the chorus breaks. Ceesar’s vocal takes lend aid to the imagery of driving down coastal highways with the top down and hair blowing in the wind. “All In” is best summed up as high energy with plenty of groove for even the tamest festival-goers. 

Ceesar is a newcomer to the electronic music scene who is making big waves. Inspired by Post Malone’s “White Iverson,” Ceesar spent the rest of 2018 learning how to produce music and write songs; he debuted his first single “Day 2 Day” in early 2020, and followed with a six-track EP, Hustle & Passion, that same year. 

Ceesar’s work has gained traction rapidly, drawing the attention of music lovers who helped the artist achieve tens of thousands of streams across all platforms; his 2021 single “Speechless” amassed 200k streams alone. 

Ceesar’s authenticity stems from his strong connection with his musical style as an alternative EDM musician, bringing spice to his own take on the genre. Ceesar’s molds elements of pop, R&B, and hip-hop into his EDM creations, giving him lots of flexibility to flex his newly developed artistic abilities. This Canadian artist finds is situated to be substantial potential to be a pioneer in the EDM genre. 

“All In” is available now!


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