Carly Shea ‘Brush It Off’

NYC musician Carly Shea is sharing her new single “Brush It Off” which released today. It’s a carefree anthem about letting go and feeling light in the face of tumultuous times. Mastered by Reuben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering, this is the first of many tracks she’ll be releasing this year.

Carly Says :

‘On Brush It Off, I wanted to write a song that is the opposite of how I’ve been feeling; the small problems we fixate on and the bigger existential questions— at some point it becomes too much and you need to exhale. Writing “Brush It Off” was a way to temporarily get out of that headspace and allow myself to feel light and let go. An escapist track to vibe to :)’

‘A little background on me as an artist, I’m an NYC-based musician who has been working on tracks between LA, NYC, and Mexico City. My work has previously been featured in publications including Wonderland Magazine, Lefuturewave, X-Ray Magazine. I took a year hiatus to process several changes in my life including love, relationships with family, health, and also to find a direction of sound that aligned with what I wanted to create. My new work reflects the music I love which has always been soul and alternative pop– I’ve tried to break down my ideas about conventional appeal to create something true to my heart; I’ve found it’s a bit more off-center than what I intended, but I guess that’s just me 🙂 ‘