Cassie Rytz has been consistently building up her influence within the music scene for the past few years. Her energetic flows coupled with her radiant personality has solidified her position as one of the leaders of the next generation of grime. At the age of just 18, the young MC already has an impressive catalogue of previous work and accolades, setting the perfect platform for the release of her debut EP ‘R.U.D.E’.


The 6 track EP is a collection of the best work that Cassie Rytz has put together, with a deep understanding of the fundamentals that go into making a top class grime track. She has undoubtedly managed to create hits whilst effortlessly infusing her own unique flavour on every track. The lead track ‘Made It’ is the perfect representation of this combination, starting with an almost musical theatre like piano melody, it opens the gates for Cassie to deliver something interesting and unusual. As she goes into her powerful, intellectual lyrical flow, the energy and presence she brings work in perfect harmony with the smooth keys, addictive drumline and banging bass. This song displays her individuality, making it the perfect track to lead the release of the EP. ‘Count That’ instantly gives off that drill energy, as soon as you hear the opening chords of the track, you know that raw, unfiltered lyrics are going to follow. Cassie answers that call and gives us the heartfelt, powerful content that we’ve come to expect from the young spitter. ‘Fe Freestyle’ has that nostalgic grime feeling with a beat that is reminiscent of the pirate radio era. Cassie also broaches on deep topics such as family relationships as she gives insight into what that means for her and the life she lives. ‘Get Dark’ appeals to the sinister side that is inside all of us, Cassie’s vocals cut through with her dynamic, energetic style. Giving us the perfect flow to compliment the evil sounding grime instrumental. ‘I Did It’ is the perfect hybrid between drill and grime, with forceful 808s, dominant percussion and addictive backing melodies, it’s the distinctive blend that provides an ideal foundation for this banger. With an extremely catchy hook and captivating verses, this song demonstrates how effectively Cassie can make music that could turn any crowd into a moshpit. ‘Lean and Vibe’ is another club banger, bringing in elements of dancehall flavours Cassie displays her patois infused grime flow. As she easily rides over a powerful instrumental, the young artist demonstrates why she is a serious force to be reckoned with. 

Cassie Rytz at such a young age, has already accomplished so much. She is a regular on some of the most prominent radio stations in London such as Reprezent and Rinse FM. As a member of the ‘Girls Of Grime’ collective she has performed at numerous venues across the capital, including the exclusive Boxpark as well as studio sessions for the grime veteran Sir Spyro on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Not only is Cassie deeply involved in the music world but her passion for helping her community is evident, she spoke in the House Of Parliament on youth support in local communities and how it can be improved. Her recent casting in the all-female BBC Three grime documentary ‘Galdem Sugar’ speaks volume to the trajectory of the artists exciting career. ‘R.U.D.E’ is set to be a pivotal moment in Cassie’s career and will firmly take centre stage as a modern day grime classic.

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