catGRINZ returns to deliver full EP ‘Highest In The Room’

Photo credit: Amaury Nessaibia

Rising songstress catGRINZ, hailing from the city of the angels, is well-versed in the art of all-encompassing productions. Following a string of enchanting releases including ‘Easily Erased’ and ‘Escapism’, catGRINZ now returns to deliver her highly-anticipated full EP ‘Highest In The Room’. Infused with a gentle and affectionate production style that brilliantly complements her enchanting vocals, the talent’s latest project firmly establishes catGRINZ as an exceptional and original rising artist to watch. If you’re a fan of Kali Uchis or Billie Eilish, then you won’t want to miss this talented newcomer.

Having created a sound that resembles a transformative potion of wondrously alternative pop sounds and echoes of electronic toplines, the songstress has stirred up an all-encompassing sonic experience. By fusing the perfect melodic and upbeat instrumental flares with soft tones and seamlessly integrating them, catGRINZ’s latest project is helplessly intoxicating – one that could lend itself to a powerful introspective listening experience.

Packed with divine, spell-binding energy, catGRINZ’s continued journey of self-discovery strikes the perfect balance of ethereal cadence and recite-worthy hooks, resulting in a superbly journeyed project. As catGRINZ continues to draw influence from her counterparts while injecting pleasing, unexpected flips into her output, her unruffled and effortlessly captivating delivery is one that resonates with every alternative pop lover. 

As ‘Highest In The Room’ luxuriates in the most sublime sounds of catGRINZ’s catalogue so far, it supports an ever-growing discography packed with melancholic, dreamy releases. Illustrating thought-provoking, lovesick vignettes while providing a sense of escapism for listeners, the result is an all-encompassing, exceedingly captivating EP.

About catGRINZ

catGRINZ is a singer-songwriter from Northern California who now resides in Los Angeles. Her passion for music began when she was young and was influenced by her parents’ music tastes, which included Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Nirvana and Frank Sinatra. After graduating from high school, she moved to LA to pursue a creative career and later relocated to San Francisco to complete her degree at FIDM.

After a heartbreak, she began writing songs and posting YouTube covers as a way to distract herself. catGRINZ struggled to find a producer while continuing to write honestly about her traumas, insecurities, and past heartbreaks. She finally found a producer whose style she connected with and who could record and co-produce her first single ‘VICES’.

Since releasing her last single in 2021, she has attended two music classes online and the song ‘Highest In The Room’ was actually a homework assignment for her Intro To Producing class. She went on to look for a new producer to help execute her new sound, and eventual EP. She found her current executive producer, Grammy-nominated Riley Urick, in August 2022, and began working on her upcoming EP ‘Highest In The Room’.

With previous singles ‘Easily Erased’ and Escapism’ garnering support from tastemaker publications such as EARMILK, Notion and Wordplay Magazine, the artist’s latest project solidifies catGRINZ’s position as an exceptional and innovative rising artist worth keeping an eye on.