Ceréna – Limitless

Ceréna, the experimental dance-pop sensation, is back with a dazzling new release that takes the genre to thrilling new heights. Following her breakout debut album ‘resurrection’ and a JUNO nomination for Dance Recording of the Year, Ceréna continues to captivate audiences with her innovative sound and boundless creativity.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Toronto, Ceréna’s journey through the music world has been nothing short of remarkable. Having made her mark at the young age of six as a seasoned performer, Ceréna’s early career was marked by a quest for authenticity and self-expression. Diving headfirst into the queer club culture, she found inspiration in the likes of the late SOPHIE and the Ballroom scene, paving the way for her unique sonic identity.

Ceréna’s debut album ‘resurrection,’ which she primarily self-produced, propelled her into the spotlight with standout tracks, including the nominated hit ‘see,’ ‘hearts on fire,’ and ‘gender euphoria,’ artfully exploring themes of freedom, community, love, and unity, reclaiming her identity in the process.

Now, in 2023, Ceréna is poised to once again redefine the dance pop landscape with her electrifying new single, ‘Limitless.’ The lead single from her upcoming EP ‘607’, the track’s intoxicating production draws listeners into a realm of euphoria, characterised by arpeggio synths and an EDM underbelly that provides the perfect backdrop for Ceréna’s velvety vocals and dreamlike melodies. A true embodiment of her artistic essence, ‘Limitless’ showcases Ceréna’s individuality and invigorating dance pop style, leaving an indelible mark on the electro pop scene and beyond.

Ceréna shares, “LIMITLESS is a call to explore who we are beyond all the labels and expectations placed upon us. To embrace the forever changing nature of things, which include our humanity. Although the journey is tough, the reveal of who you truly are as an individual is beyond liberating. By accepting the nature of change, we open up to the infinite possibilities that await us… but only if we embrace our ambiguity and accept that we will always have something to learn.”

As Ceréna continues to push the boundaries of dance pop, ‘Limitless’ stands as a testament to her artistic evolution and unwavering commitment to authenticity.