Chhina ‘Lifestyle’ 

photo credit: NOAH LALONDE

London-based Toronto, Canada native, independent artist and music producer Chhina, is an unstoppable force on his latest track ‘Lifestyle’, produced by Elija Paris (Boi1da, Don Cannon, Jack Harlow and received a co sign from Timbaland), taken off of his new album ‘CHHINAPACK002’.


The track’s music video is just as slick and stylish as its audio inspiration. Directed by Spender, it mirrors the themes and tone of the song perfectly.

Chhina specializes in the production of audible painkillers. He is currently working on 6 NFT releases titled ‘CHHINAPACK’, which include three interactive 3D models and two singles in each pack. These NFTs will have full utility in a virtual world he is creating called “Chhina’s world”. A world that will act as a hub for his fans and listeners alike to socialize and engage with virtual performances by himself and other acts. Chhina’s forthcoming projects are solely oriented around web 3.0 and the potential it offers as we hear within the opening line “The one who clears the path and controls the direction.”

Breathing new life into the scene through marrying crisp rhythms over stellar production.‘Lifestyle’ takes the listener on a journey through his mind showcasing Chhina’s incredible linguistic wizardry over atmospheric production giving listeners an insight into his spirited stagecraft. 

He remains one of the most promising talents to emerge from the Rap scene of late, having worked with a number of notable producers such as; Catch Carter (Joey Badass, jazz Cartier), and Gabriel LA (Sorrynotkwon, OSVMV, Nuumode). Chhina has also featured on many prominent platforms globally such as; 6ixbuzz, Billboard, The upper entertainment, and many more.

Dubbed as the artist at the forefront of his genre, we can only expect phenomenal continued production of hard-hitting singles from Chhina. 

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