CHIC CHOC Debut Electro Pop Single “Freedom” Out Today

“Freedom” is a pulsating techno and EDM single reminiscent of Massive Attack and Calvin Harris with a hint of softer pop elements similar to Dua Lipa.

Listen here:

The song is about women’s rights around the world, which also brings attention to the recent Iran protests that have sparked in the aftermath of the killing-in-custody of the 22 year old Mahsa Amini. “This event sparked one of the largest women lead movements in history and our song is in support of this,” shares the trio. “We believe that even if one woman does not have freedom, our freedom is incomplete. We hope to be able to inspire social change using our music as a medium.”

“Freedom“ is an anthem for bringing on change, written with the intention to bring light to the constant battle for women’s rights. Each of the cities they sing about have particular instances associated with them where women were treated unjustly.

Chic Choc is an electronic music collaboration between long time music veterans Connie Yin, Neda Zahraie, and Christina Crossin, actualized in 2019. The trio composes using drum machines, synthesizers, guitars, voice and a variety of sound filters and pedals. Listeners should expect a danceable groove, informed lyrics and an unexpected yet supremely elegant shift in feel and attitude from song to song.

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