Chris Korda releases new EP “Not My Problem I’ll Be Dead” on Yoyaku

Chris Korda returns with her provocative EP, “Not My Problem, I’ll Be Dead,” a brilliant counterpart to her acclaimed 2020 release, “Apologize to the Future.” The EP delves into the mindset of present generations, shedding light on their self-centered pursuits through Korda’s unique artistic vision.
“Baby Batter Bingo” – A masterfully crafted track inspired by Thomas Piketty, featuring references to Ayn Rand, Marina Abramović, and Leona Helmsley, encapsulating the essence of a new Gilded Age.
“We played hardball, and you lost” – A powerful homage to Rodney King, critiquing Donald Trump’s campaign promise and neoliberal slogans, exposing aristocratic arrogance with Korda’s razor-sharp wit.

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“Not My Problem, I’ll Be Dead” – The title track, inspired by Korda’s father’s dismissal of climate change, showcases generational apathy through King Louis XV’s quote, “Après moi, le deluge,” presented with Korda’s signature flair.
“Have a Good One” – A brilliant satire on smugness, entitlement, and astrology, featuring the poignant phrase “The heart wants what it wants,” associated with Woody Allen and Emily Dickinson.
“Awesome on Mars” – A humorous and imaginative take on Elon Musk’s ambitious Mars colonization plans, complete with a miniature Eiffel Tower and a statue of Musk himself, brought to life by Korda’s creative genius.

This EP is a testament to Chris Korda’s remarkable talent, brimming with biting satire, insightful commentary, and dancefloor-friendly tracks. Complex polymeters and unique time signatures further enrich the experience, showcasing Korda’s exceptional skill.

Don’t miss your chance to own this bold, thought-provoking release from the incomparable Chris Korda, available now on Yoyaku’s label.

Not My Problem, I’ll Be Dead lyrics

I ate my fill
But I won’t stay
Time for the bill
But I won’t pay
I’m unconcerned
With earthly strife
I’ll spend what I earned
In the afterlife

Not my problem
It’s yours instead
Not my problem
Soon I’ll be dead
Off to heaven
I had my fun
Off to heaven
This world is done

We’re past the peak
But life’s unfair
The future’s bleak
But I don’t care
Too late to pray
For the human race
I’m on my way
To the happy place