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Clément Leroux - Circle Line on Traxsource

From the moment he emerged with ‘U Got My Heart’ in 2019, Clément Leroux set the bar high for new fans anticipating more of his unique sound. He drew from his own experiences with every track he put out, issuing snapshots of the bends in the road of adolescence and the ups and downs through musical narration. And now, the moment has arrived for the Frenchman to unveil the complete story of his path to independence and young adulthood in the form of his first-ever album: ‘Circle Line’.

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The long-anticipated debut album of the talented producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, ‘Circle Line’ narrates the first steps of Clément Leroux as a young adult in the city of London. Drawing on themes of love, breaking up and the healing thereafter, the 14-track album maps out the figurative crossroads of dealing with real independence for the first time and shows how all of these new experiences can light a fire within. 

Riveting from the introductory ‘Hi, I’m Clem’ to the effervescent ‘My Go-To’ and the climactic ‘Fireworks’, this album is much more than a simple nudge to days gone by. It interlocks the social, cultural and musical impressions that inspired Clément and shaped the colorful trademark sound that so seamlessly threads through this album. Drawing from the old to begin something new, this collection of songs is a ‘Circle Line’ in itself, closing a chapter to begin another. And if this first set of pages is anything to go by, both Clément Leroux and his fans are in for quite a ride.

Track by track

1. Hi, I’m Clem

‘Hi, I’m Clem’ is the foundation of ‘Circle Line’. This song represents what listeners can expect from the album: nostalgia, hope, dreams, a journey, heartbreaks and recoveries. It’s also very progressive, as new elements keep being added on top of others. And when the tension is at its peak, it drops, making for an unforgettable experience in a live environment.

2. Morphine (feat. Axel Ehnström)

The foundation of ‘Morphine’ was created on an ancient piano during a trip I took across Ecuador back in 2017. When Axel Ehnström sent me the first draft of the lyrics (“so when you’re gone, it’s gonna take more than morphine to numb”), I felt instantly connected to the track. My grandma had just passed away, and the timing was so impeccable, it proved to me that this record deserved to be on the album. It became one of my favorite tracks on ‘Circle Line’.

3. Last Night In Paris

‘Last Night In Paris’ reflects on true events that transpired during a weekend in Paris with my (now) ex-girlfriend. I realized that our relationship wasn’t going anywhere and I just wanted to get away from everything. I also just got back to my parents’ house after spending three years in London and I couldn’t see my music future clearly. I was very lost at that time, and the record mirrors those feelings to perfection.

4. U Got My Heart (feat. Emma Hoet)

‘U Got My Heart’ was written with Emma Hoet back in my little room in London. It was the first single of the Clément Leroux artist project and the only song written with the person who would become my girlfriend a few months later. ‘U Got My Heart’ has a very special place in my heart and I’m sure you will feel it too.

5. Parted Ways

‘Parted Ways’ is a follow-up to the ballad ‘U Got My Heart’ on a musical, lyrical and personal level. Both tracks shaped the direction of ‘Circle Line’ and have a very important place within the album, as they point out the time happiness turns to sadness in the relationship cycle that shapes the storyline of the album.

6. Forgot My Name

‘Forgot My Name’ is the break-up song of the album. I felt like the world was crushing me down and I didn’t even feel like creating music anymore. I tried to express all of my emotions on my piano and that’s how the song’s catchy riff came to be. The lyrics then followed naturally.

7. Alright

‘Alright’ is quite a heavy record in terms of emotion, but with a bit of hope and irony mixed in. It acknowledges that “you’re not okay, but you will be eventually”. I wanted the song to have its own journey, and that’s why the ending is so intense; you are finally leaving your demons behind and moving on.

8. Cruise

‘Cruise’ stands for moving on to brighter stays afer coming from sadness and hopelessness. There’s something happening in the middle of the song; the harmonies changes, leaving space for the sun to come in. It translates to growing confidence and knowing that you can go on with your life, feeling better than ever. The lyrics speak for themselves. The storm is behind me. Now I cruise.

9. Free (feat. Chloe Leroux)

‘Free’ is the summer anthem of ‘Circle Line’. Sung by my sister Chloé, this song means a lot to me. You have confidence, nothing or nobody can get to you. You can fly on your own now, free like a bird.

10. Baby (Tell Me)

‘Baby (Tell Me)’ builds on the feeling of ‘Free’. It happily relates the story about a relationship where two people can’t figure out how they feel about each other. It was inspired by a famous French saying: “Suis moije te fuis, fuis moi je te suis.” It’s about missing each other when you’re apart, but not being able to stand each other when you’re together. I’m pretty sure 99% of you can relate to this story.

11. My Go-To

‘My Go-To’ is about finally getting the comfort, the unique connection and the confidence you look for in a relationship. The song is downtempo yet energetic, acoustic yet electronic. It sports some really catchy, meaningful lyrics, making this one of the standout tracks of ‘Circle Line’.

12. Sunday

Sundays are a very important part of my life; as soon as Monday arrives, I’m looking forward to Sunday again. This track is all about taking the time to wind down. Grab your favorite magazine and a blanket, light up a scented candle and play this track in the background. You’re in for a treat.

13. Memories

‘Memories’ may just be the happiest song of ‘Circle Line’, as it carries you back to your favorite place with your favorite person. Think of reminiscing in the winter about a magical summer moment. This song cannot really be described with many words. My suggestion would be to close your eyes and enter its magical world. I feel that’s the best way to experience this song.

14. Fireworks

Aptly titled, ‘Fireworks’ is the grand finale of ‘Circle Line’. To me, this record is the culmination of all that went before it, a celebrating of life best symbolized by watching a sunset on the beach alongside your loved ones. It has this vibe that feels like the end of a trip with your best friends. You’ve made countless new memories, good and bad. It’s the story of life and the story of this album, making this track the perfect end song.

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