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CLO Releases Remix Package for “Blackout” Featuring Biicla, Rob Jevins, Chris Ibbetson & more

Blackout Remix - Single by CLO | Spotify

In the fall of 2020, emerging singer/songwriter CLO released her debut single “Blackout” produced with Warren Huart (The Fray, Colbie Caillat) alongside a video with nightlife photographer and director Nikko Lamere (Miley Cyrus, Tiffany Young, Marina & The Diamonds).  Coming into 2021, she’s back with a remix package of the song out today (January 22).

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Track list:
1. “Blackout (Biicla Remix)”
2. “Blackout (Chris Ibbetson Remix)”
3. “Blackout (Jesse Alexander Remix)”
4. “Blackout (Matt Emonson Remix)”
5. “Blackout (Rob Jevons Remix)”
6. “Blackout (SEMJON Remix)”
7. “Blackout (Sal DiGuardia Remix)”
8. “Blackout (Subhan Remix)”
9. “Blackout (Thumpmonks Remix)”
10. “Blackout (Dr. Exciter Neon Nights Remix)”

The 10-track package features remixes by Russian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Biicla who adds his unique stamp of international future bass to the song and acclaimed sound designer Rob Jevons who takes a dark cinematic turn as well as from Thumpmonks, Dr. Exciter, Chris Ibbetson and more. Shared Dancing Astronaut who debuted the Biicla remix, “the name ‘Biicla’ has come to bespeak a stylistically rich and exploratory catalog of electronic freewheeling…Stripping the pop sensibilities and piano definition of ‘Blackout’ in its untouched form, Biicla cuts an edge to a one-off that has attracted a ring of remixers, among whom Biicla’s spin is a surefire standout.”

“‘Blackout’ to me is really about empowerment through loss. The best revenge is living well, being a strong, young woman,” says CLO on her new single, a retro soul permission slip to fade out the madness stronger and smarter. “All these remixers each made an exceptional track.  It’s exciting for me to hear how my vocal and elements of Warren’s production sits in all these different styles.” 

Since releasing her debut, CLO’s “Blackout” has received 632,000 plays to date on Spotify alone.  It has been supported by major Los Angeles rock station KROQ on their Local’s Only show and LA WEEKLY’s Spotify playlist as she was featured in the LA WEEKLY’s My Favorite Album column.  CLO has also released a live version of the song as well as a cover of Kanye West’s “Paranoid” via YouTube, captured at famed recording studio Sunset Sound.  Look for a new single to arrive from CLO in February.

About CLO:California Bay Area native CLO’s sound is a powerful blend of pop & soul that emerged organically growing up listening to greats like Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. Her unapologetic and fearless streak lies in her appreciation for artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, and her soul roots were solidified by her inspiration- Amy Winehouse. There is no doubt about it, CLO’s message is power and strength through adversity.  She writes with emotional fire. Secure in her thoughts. It’s this confidence and years of training that led to CLO’s transition to Los Angeles, where she was discovered by go-to pop-rock producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Colbie Caillat, James Blunt). The pair’s synergy was instant resulting in first single “Blackout” released summer of 2020–a retro soul permission slip to fade out the madness, becoming stronger and smarter.  Accompanied by a video by Nikko Lamere, the song received support from KROQ, LA WEEKLY, 1883 Magazine, Highlark and more. 

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