Cloud Companion Announces New Single ‘Same Picture’

Austin-based musician/songwriter Cloud Companion is due to share new single Same Picture on June 16th. This synth-driven, mid-tempo groove offers an exploration of reality as experienced through daily life. Same Picture is the second single off Cloud Companion’s upcoming album, “Ordinary Time.”

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Fresh off the release of “Can U Hear Me,” which was praised by Austin Chronicle for its “twinkly riffs and squeaky-clean electronics straight from heaven,” Cloud Companion is back with Same Picture. Influenced by the Tao Te Ching, Same Picture emphasizes the ever-changing perspectives through which we encounter reality, inviting listeners to contemplate the significance of their perceptions. The title comes from a phrase repeated throughout the song, “same picture, different frame.” The repetition of the phrase “same picture, different frame” serves as a reminder that while the external reality may remain constant, our perspectives shape the way we perceive and interpret it.

Known for their contributions to the sensational collaborative performance group TC Superstar, Cloud Companion is the solo project of musician and songwriter, Aaron Chávez. Cloud Companion’s music is best described as bedroom pop meets contemplative exploration/meditation. For Aaron, making music with this project is about “Expressing the relationship between cosmic and human perspectives, non-dual spirituality, and experiencing the sacred in the everyday.”

With each Cloud Companion release, the listener gains another insight into the life of Aaron Chavez. Inspired by the mundane day-to-day moments of life, Aaron’s vulnerability and organic approach to making music is what makes it special. “Tranquil afternoons in my sunroom are a huge influence – watching the wind blow through the trees, hearing the sounds of the neighborhood, and playing my piano like wind chimes along with all the activity.” Aaron continues, “In those moments, I feel connected to what is happening and I feel grounded in the present moment.”

Ahead of the release of “Ordinary Time,” Cloud Companion will be dropping a new song each month. Stream Cloud Companion’s recently released single Can U Hear Me HERE.

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