Cody Tyler ‘Energy’

The new single from Los Angeles based R&B and hip hop artist Cody Tyler. Entitled “Energy” the song is about meeting that special girl or guy and being captivated by their energy and how good it makes you feel. Cody confides, “ Your energy is what is the dopest thing about you. Energy is something none of us can fake, and when a person is being their true self it’s rare. It’s easy to fall or just vibe with someone like that.”

Featuring raw lyricism, a driving melody, a passion fueled chorus, the song explodes with radiant charisma. Cody Tyler is atrue survivor, finding his way through music, which saved his life after depression and darkness.

Listen to “Energy” HERE

Brandon “Cody Tyler” Mcroy also Known as “Cody Tyler” is an African American artist and songwriter. Originally born in Florida, Cody Tyler went to college for fashion merchandising and design in Miami, then studied acting in Los Angeles at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts on a partial scholarship. Shortly after, Cody ended up in the mental hospital for depression and suicide, but it was then that he discovered his love for music. As he began writing through that low point in his life, he discovered his vision through music and the motivation to want to help people and inspire.