Collect Call bask in the angst-filled beauty of dream-pop single Simple!

Simple is about casting your mind back to the past. It’s about reconnecting with that childlike joy and innocence that we all have inside us, where we aren’t hampered by the pressures of adulthood or the demands of society. It’s about looking at old photographs and the nostalgia that brings. Let the dream-like-textures of synthesisers and piano wash over you and envelop you in the feelings of yesterday.

Collect Call have unveiled the sumptuous new single, Simple, a track that illustrates the beautiful deam-pop soundscapes Joe Thorpe effortlessly creates. The single is taken from forthcoming EP, The Golden Hour, out on 14th October 2021.

Hailing from the South coast of England, Collect Call is the brainchild of Joe Thorpe. The project began after Joe, briefly, flirted with psyche rock bands, before slowly developing his own project, creating a space where he could express himself and rightly call his own.

The decision to do so has paid dividends with Collect Call going on to produce a nuanced, enchanting style of electronic dream-pop; as experimental as it is emotive.

Having released single Pretense at the back end of 2020, Collect Call have returned with their latest offering, The Golden Hour EP. Embodying the dying embers of the day and not giving up the ghost when all might seem lost, The Golden Hour exhibits Collect Call’s innate ability to create vulnerable, sincere and, ultimately, cathartic soundscapes. Recorded across various cupboards and studios, the final product is testament to holding onto your ideals even in the darkest of times. Overflowing with intricate details, lucid pianos, synths and samples, The Golden Hour is the cure to a troubled mind.

From the angst-ridden beauty of current single Simple, grooving and bass-heavy, to the dream-like sparseness of ‘No Amount Of Medicine’, The Golden Hour EP is an affecting and honest journey through the mind of a complicated individual.

Single Simple is out nowand is taken from the forthcoming EP The Golden Hour, due for release on 14th October 2021.