Communions Grunge-Tinged New Single “Cupid”

Photo Credit: Ida Uldall

Pure Fabrication LP Due Out April 23 on Tambourhinoceros
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Copenhagen-based Communions recently announced their sophomore album Pure Fabrication. A reverse coming of age story of Odyssian size and scope, the collection tackles themes of change, instability, freedom, love and identity.

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While “Bird of Passage”, the album’s opener introduced these themes, and “Splendour” showed us the band’s take on destructive love, “Cupid”, the album’s brand new third single, now shows us Communions’ vision of naive love and freedom from which the story begins. “Cupid” is a feel-good indie rock cut reminiscent of their early output which garnered high praise from Stereogum, Pitchfork and KEXP + more. Yet, as the narrative arc of Communions’ sophomore album begins to surface, it’s clear that this collection will be more nuanced, conceptual and revealing.
Lead singer and guitarist Martin Rehof elaborates:
“The album’s preoccupation with change and instability, a red thread that’s established on ‘Bird Of Passage’, is mirrored in the progression of the songs themselves, as themes shapeshift and take on new points of departure from one story to the next. For instance, the romantic notion of love on ‘Cupid’ morphs into a skewed, addictive and possessive kind of love on ‘Splendour’.
What begins as naive and free on Pure Fabrication will not end that way, promises the band’s reverse-coming-of-age album concept.

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