Conor Mulroy Unveils the First Track from the Highly Anticipated ‘Still Water’ Suite, Featuring Tristan Clarridge and Simon Chrisman

Artwork Credit: Diane Wright

Renowned composer Conor Mulroy, known for his diverse approach to composition, is thrilled to announce the release of the first track from his upcoming project, ‘Still Water’. Collaborating with the exceptional talents of Tristan Clarridge and Simon Chrisman, Mulroy pushes the boundaries of musical genres and styles, creating a unique sonic experience.

Having already released an impressive catalog of 15 full-length albums, Conor Mulroy is ready to take his artistry to new heights with ‘Still Water’. Listeners can expect an immersive journey as they hear the first track of a 10 part suite in this ambitious project, available for streaming on July 14, 2023.

‘Still Water Part 1′ showcases the mastery of live acoustic chamber music, highlighting guitar, hammered dulcimer, and cello. The track is a testament to the musicians’ extraordinary talent and their ability to create an enchanting synergy.

When asked to share his thoughts on the upcoming project, Conor Mulroy states, “The suite explores the development of musical material without changing the harmony, like a fast-moving river whose surface appears to be still water.”

Fresh from completing a doctorate in music composition, Conor Mulroy composed 38 minutes of music for the recording session, crafting a ten-part suite. The recording explores the development of melodic material while maintaining a consistent harmony. The captivating performances were captured in a serene chapel used for meditation, allowing the musicians to experiment and improvise, resulting in an unparalleled sonic exploration. Tristan Clarridge engineered, edited, and mixed the record, while Dave Sinko mastered it.

Stay tuned for the release of ‘Still Water’ Part 1 on July 14, 2023, and be prepared to embark on a musical journey like no other.”

Conor Mulroy is a composer who constantly seeks innovative ways to interpret styles, genres, and concepts through his music. With an extensive discography and a passion for pushing musical boundaries, Mulroy’s compositions captivate listeners and challenge the status quo. His upcoming project, ‘Still Water’, promises to be a groundbreaking addition to his already impressive body of work.