Coyote Eyes releases “Gasoline”

The song “Gasoline” explores the disconnect between fantasy and reality in today’s relationships, and especially how that’s been dictated and  exacerbated by social media. The lyrics explore a lot  of opposition – fire and ice, gasoline and kerosine – and chronicle what happens to someone who’s pursued as this fantasy ideal (lady in white lives in your mind) and then ultimately dropped or discarded when she becomes too human (leave me I’m rust, flesh, and bone).  But it’s also a victorious song – Coyote Eyes likes to think that in this story the guy stays stuck in the screen and the woman has her own phoenix rising moment, and you can definitely hear the determination in the lyrics as well. There’s definitely anger and vengeance in there but also determination.

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Coyote Eyes is the dark pop alter ego of New York bred Jo Eubanks, a multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Known for lush soundscapes, haunting vocals, and eerie piano melodies, the music of Coyote Eyes is, like her, equally tragic and seductive. Coyote Eyes began training to be a classical singer in early childhood, and by 16 she was already capturing label attention for her distinctive, emotionally charged voice which held “the pain of a 30 year old woman inside a child’s body”. After years of wrestling to harness creative authenticity in a time when nice girls sang nice songs,   the three time southern debutante shocked both industry and audiences alike when she reemerged as Coyote Eyes in 2018, a powerful and mysterious persona unafraid of delving into the far corners of the human experience.   In traditional lore, the coyote is the one creature which cannot be categorized; it is an enigma, a dichotomy, a living riddle. As such, Coyote Eyes emerged from her fascination with duality in all its forms, which she explores both sonically and thematically. She performs regularly in both New York City and LA at Rockwood Music Hall, Mercury Lounge, The McKittrick Hotel, Viper Room, and with Breaking Sound and Hunnypot Live.  Coyote Eyes is also one half of cinematic grunge duo Lithium x Lace and occult pop duo WTCH, both with 5-time Grammy nom CJ-O (formerly Molly Cherryholmes).