Cute but Spooky bludnymph Shares an Aggressive Episode of Her Life, “Lights Out”

Photo by Alexis Castillo

Enchanting. Audacious. Mythical. bludnymph continues to push boundaries with her genre-bending dark rap infused pop sound.

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While working with producer Cirkut & fellow musician FAANGS in the studio, bludnymph decided to switch up the mood from her cutesy music and wanted to channel her aggressive side instead. Sometimes, you’ve gotta just let it all out because something’s annoying you and you can’t let it get bottled up inside.

Though bludnymph has experimented in different genres, it’s started to all make sense together from one song to the next. What ties them all together as bludnymph songs is that they all have an element of “spooky, magic, and sexy!” Her music feels like a cohesive series, and these songs are all different episodes of her life that she’s sharing.

I like to get out my evil, darker side with my music – I channel it so I can keep being nice & not get angry at people. It’s nice to be mean & aggressive in my music as an outlet so I can work on setting boundaries better in my personal life.