D.K. Lyons confronts the past on ‘The Sadness’

Photo Credit: Roberto J Mendez

Honesty, authenticity and a true sense of self are of utmost importance to D.K. Lyons. The Manhattan based songsmith blends musical styles with ease, drawing from a variety of acts like The 1975, Third Eye Blind and Prince. Lyons manages to create wonderfully intimate pieces that still remain colorful and vibrant, and showcase his unique perspective on Alternative and Pop Rock. 

‘Imbued with honesty and an authentic sense of self, D.K. Lyons is a Manhattan based songwriter injecting his fresh perspective into the pop scene.’ – Notion

D.K. Lyon’s latest offering is another example of his artistic transparency, ‘The Sadness’ is a confrontation of the past and in particular ‘an ex who has hung around well after calling it quits.’ Leaning more heavily into his synth pop side, Lyons croons over a driving 80’s infused beat. Creatively, the song is a slightly different approach for Lyons, who almost always writes on his guitar. The lyrics touch on moving on from fake love and naivety, with the production laying a perfect backdrop for these personal realizations. 

A real-life breakup story + a metaphor for moving on from a past that clings”

ABOUT D.K. Lyons 

Songwriting is where it all begins and ends for MA raised, Manhattan based D.K. Lyons. Informing his Mother at age 5 of his Rockstar aspirations, Lyons would go on to record countless cassette demos in the early years of his childhood. Honing his self thought craft, soon growing from an interest to something that would consume his mind ‘99% of the time’

It was at the tender age of 6 when Lyons would experience the death of his Father, a moment which would end up being ‘driving force’ in his life. From this point on Lyons would be raised by his Mother and Sister who would greatly influence his musical journey and be the support system that allowed him to follow his dreams. 

He entered a proper studio for the first time in 2018 and recorded his debut EP, Blame My Astrology, which he released independently that same year before following it up in 2020 with his critically lauded debut LP, The Past (Romanticized), featuring Danger, The Getaway, and Shades of Amber to critical acclaim across over a dozen indie publications. His 2021 EP, Vandalism, featured the anthemic pop-rock singles Summer Lullabies and Katie In the Moment as well as the synth-pop dance anthem Sleeping You Off

Lyons plans to break down more social barriers, experiment with new genres and further develop his songwriting.