Dan Curtin releases futuristic EP ‘Soul System’ via Sound of Berlin

US-born producer/ DJ Dan Curtin is sharing his forthcoming EP ‘Soul System’ via the German imprint and multichannel platform, Sound of Berlin.

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The EP radiates a sort of nostalgia back to when clubs were open and we were allowed to spend our weekends on the dance floor. Fusing elements of several different genres, ranging from groovy house and funk to organic aspects of house and hip hop while factoring in aspects of futuristic techno.

About the EP, Dan says: “I mainly used external analogue and digital gear and samples to craft these tracks. The vocal sample in Body Flap Position and the namesake for the track is from NASA astronauts performing a docking manoeuvre on the ISS. Soul System is just a fast cruise around the solar system leaned back with an arm out the space window! I’m presenting deep emotion and deep groove with hard beats on this EP. That’s the combo I was feeling when in the studio doing these tracks!

Dan Curtin‘s ‘Soul System’ – EP was released on 26th of February via Sound of Berlin.

A little bit more about Dan Curtin

Dan Curtin’s musical quest began amidst the inception of the techno and house phenomenon of the early 1990s. From his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio Dan experimented with a vast number of styles, producing innovative sounds of every variety: from Chicago to Detroit to the East Coast.

Dan’s considerably impressive discography dates back to 1992 when his first releases on Detroit’s 33 RPM Records and Belgium’s Buzz motivated him to launch his own production hub: Metamorphic Recordings.

His unwillingness to commit to a singular style was instrumental to his continuously fresh releases on big players such as PeacefrogStrictly Rhythm and Sublime, and Soma while his forward- thinking approach brought him tremendous support from the likes of Carl CoxCarl Craig, and many more.

In 2003 Dan’s creative instincts provoked him to relocate to the fast-paced music scene of Berlin which triggered a string of new releases on young, happening labels such as Bass CultureSavedBosconi and recently on Steffi’s Dolly Dubs.

Over 70 singles, nine albums later Dan is just as innovative and fresh as he has ever been whether recording under his own name or under one of his many aliases such as Purveyors of Fine Funk.

His refusal to lock himself into one style as well as his unique ability to collaborate with artists from a variety of genres has helped him to maintain not only his status as an individual amongst a world of ever-increasingly like-minded musicians but also his status as a legend over two decades.