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Dance Loud “Hollow” Official Music Video

Dance Loud "Hollow" ile ilgili görsel sonucu

(Photo Credit: Belén Romero)

“The real-life couple bring completely different aspects to the table in creating Dance Loud’s sound.” MXDWN 

“The tandem’s live performances are a joy to behold. Sanchez’s beats build and build on the dance floor like any good house music set, then Zimmerman joins the production, adding layers of intricate drum rhythms that both complement and contrast with the synths. The result is all of the vivacity of a live concert, with the simple euphoria of a dance floor.” Chicago Tribune 

“Together, as Dance Loud, they make a rhythmic thunder that’s part spun and part live-drummed that’s bound to get people up and moving.” Daily Public 

“If you’re looking to see some badass people in a live drum and DJ set AND support a message of love at the same time, this is the place for you.” Yohomo 

Chicago-based electronic dance duo Dance Loud has released the audio for hypnotic single “Hollow” about the hollowness inside us all and the good and bad in everyone. PRESS HERE to listen. PRESS HERE to stream/download. Check out the first listen on MXDWN. Crafted from analog guitars, drums, and field recordings, distorted synths give way to an angular beat as hypnotic vocals enchant and engage. The track blurs the lines between electronic immersion and alternative orchestration. “Hollow” is the first single off of Dance Loud‘s forth coming 2020 DIY independent debut album, The Moment, set for release on June 5th. A reflection of the struggles 

(The Moment Album Artwork) 

of the world and the emotions within it, The Moment is meant to be listened to as a whole in an endless loop and can be described as “emotional dance music,” offering sounds you can dance and cry to. 

“We truly feel art is a reflection of reality and ‘Hollow’ is just that. After going through a life- changing experience and nearly dying by being rear-ended by a semi-truck on a highway and ripping apart our hand-built tour bus, the month in the hospital gave us a lot of time to think about all the shitty things and shitty people we have dealt with. We started to truly understand intention, justification, and perception. The song is exactly about that,” shares Dance Loud. “We justify every action we make and see through others’ eyes can be seen as bad or good. In the end, there is no bad and good, there just is. This song is one of our favorites sonically and feel it foreshadows the deep and dark underlying tone of The Moment as a whole. Once our souls synced up with this project, years of bottled feelings came pouring out.” 

Formed in 2008, the dynamic and diverse whole of Dance Loud is comprised of Kristin Sanchez [DJ, producer, engineer] and Desereé Fawn Zimmerman [drums, guitar, vocals] and proves that opposites do more than attract. The real-life couple turned Chicago duo co-mingles Fawn’s live instrumentation steeped in classical training with Sanchez’s electronic production and DJ wizardry. After catching each other’s attention in art school, their relationship blossomed before they found themselves on stage together. As the story goes, Kristin had a DJ gig, and Desereé hopped on the drums, illuminating the potential of their creative chemistry. By taking on real estate projects, they financed a D.I.Y. musical operation as Dance Loud. They dropped their debut single “Spy Vs. Spy” in 2013 and performed across North America, taking over the Artist Lounge at Bonnaroo and packing celebrated venues such as Knitting Factory in New York and The Steady in Toronto. 

The pair trucked along and quietly built an audience until a horrific accident nearly derailed everything. In 2017, a semi-truck rear-ended their vehicle. Airlifted out of the wreck with internal bleeding, Sanchez broke eight ribs, her collar bone, and sacrum. The destruction also claimed an old computer with ten unreleased songs as well as other gear. During a month in the hospital, the future 

became clear. As soon as they left the hospital, they commenced work on what would become The Moment

Crafted from analog guitars, drums, and field recordings, distorted synths give way to an angular beat as hypnotic vocals enchant and engage. It blurs the lines between electronic immersion and alternative orchestration. In the end, the duality distinguishes Dance Loud forever. By embracing who they are and their differences, they’re spreading positivity and karma through music.