Emerging dance music act Łaszewo returns to the release radar with ‘Keep My Head Up’, a fresh and dynamic new single that showcases the talents unique blend of pop and dance music. The latest to come from the shining talent arrives on the heels of their November-released single ‘Good Kids’ and serves as their first official release of the year. Over the last few years, Łaszewo has gained immense popularity – captivating listeners with their energetic and unique production approach, and scintillating sound design. Further solidifying Łaszewo’s position in the pop/dance musical landscape, ‘Keep My Head Up’ is due for release March 10 via Arista Records.


Immediately kicking off with Keeva Bouley’s airy vocals, ‘Keep My Head Up’ captures listeners attention from the start, transporting them to a euphoric soundscape. Featuring hard-hitting percussive elements and a driving bassline, the tempo of the track picks up and continues to build before unleashing a chorus that blossoms into a wonderland of sonic instrumentation. Characterized by Łaszewo’s signature use of catchy hooks, lively beats and infectious vocal melodies, ‘Keep My Head Up’ serves as a premier example of the trio’s innate ability to craft a sound that is both innovative and authentic. The latest from the shining stars highlights the duality of Łaszewo’s stellar production capabilities by instilling acoustic elements with a dance-infused flair to create an overall intoxicating and captivating production. 

“”Keep My Head Up’ is about recognizing that you can challenge the inner critic that holds you back from chasing what you want. Sometimes it feels like we are our own worst enemy but we can turn that around and become our own best friend. Life can be tough in many ways but if you just keep your head up through it all you have a greater chance of spotting that silver lining in the cloud.” – Łaszewo

Capturing the hearts of dance music fans across the world, Łaszewo kicks off 2023 in style with ‘Keep My Head Up’. Showcasing their unique production technique that blends acoustic and electronic elements in a complex, inimitable way, ‘Keep My Head Up’ is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year for the group. Known for their distinct sound and captivating live performances, Łaszewo has quickly become one of the most sought-after acts in the dance music space. Solidifying themselves as forces to be reckoned with, the trio’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down as they gear up for a string of upcoming tour dates hitting the likes of New York CityBoston, and San Diego’s LED Anniversary Festival, playing alongside RezzDeadmau5, and more. As they continue to forge their own path in the musical space, Łaszewo cements themselves as ones to watch within the dance music scene, leaving listeners on their feet, eagerly anticipating what’s to come. 

ABOUT ŁASZEWO –  Łaszewo’s Matthew EhrlichKeeva Bouley, and Justin De La Fuente originally came together in Santa Barbara, California under unexpected circumstances in 2018. When Justin heard Keeva singing through her open apartment window, he immediately knocked on her door and shortly after the trio created their first track and hit single “Up In Flames.” Since then they have continued to rise and grow into one of the most exciting upcoming electronic pop acts. Recently having signed to booking agency giant CAA Music, as well as the record label Arista Records of Sony Music earlier this year, Łaszewo continues to make their own imprint on the music scene with their captivating sound and win the hearts of fans from a wide range of genres. Their upcoming release and first single of 2023 “Keep My Head Up” taps into the classic Łaszewo sound with similar sonic comparisons to their hit single “Up In Flames,” and sets the tone for the band’s anticipated year ahead. With their diverse talent and great chemistry coupled with their euphoric aura and dynamic stage presence, Łaszewo has the potential to rise quickly in the electronic-pop scene and captivate audiences globally along the way.