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Masked French producer, artist, and self-proclaimed video game enthusiast DANGER returns to the spotlight with his third official studio album, the original soundtrack for highly anticipated video game HavenThe OST follows the release of the project’s lead single “04:42 Still Free” earlier this year. Featuring 19 meticulously produced tracks, Haven (Original Game Soundtrackboasts DANGER’s signature electro-synthwave drenched flavor and sees him experiment with the colorful spectrum of vaporwave and funk. Alongside its video game counterpart, the Haven (Original Game Soundtrack) is out now across all streaming platforms via G4F Records. Fans can now pre-order their special Vinyl and CD edition of the soundtrack here, and can expect their delivery in late January 2021.

Haven (Original Game Soundtrack) Tracklist
04:42 Still Free
07:41 The Beginning of Something
08:16 Home
10:27 Appledew Stew
11:18 Move It Muffin!
13:39 Source
14:52 Ready When You Are!
15:23 We Can Always Pretend
16:43 Blooting Hornets
17:09 I Can’t Stay Mad at You
19:02 Kusa Makura
20:06 Millions of Lumsecs Away
21:01 Sweet Insomnia
22:12 Until the End of Time
23:49 Do We Glow Too?
00:21 Nothing but Rust
01:53 Now or Never
03:20 Free Fall
05:12 Space Caress

Almost a full year after the release of his coveted sophomore LP, Origins, DANGER emerges from the shadows to unveil his stunning debut video game soundtrack. The OST marks his second collaboration with independent video game studio The Game Bakers and G4F Records — the first being his contribution to the award-winning Furi soundtrack, which has amassed over 95 million streams across all platforms to date. The multifaceted musician opted to experiment with lighter, more buoyant sounds to complement the themes of love, rebellion, and freedom encapsulated in “Haven”. On stepping out of his comfort zone to create a new, orchestral dimension, DANGER states, “while so far I’ve been more interested in exploring the nightmare zone in my music, the Haven soundtrack gave me the chance to explore other, brighter aspects of childhood.” Fans can pre-order 


Kicking off with the previously released lead single, “04:42 Still Free”, DANGER introduces the fantastical world of Haven, where two lovers settle on an unknown planet. “07:41 The Beginning” continues DANGER’s careful sonification of an epic tale with a boisterous crescendo, which comes to a head three tracks later in “11:18 Move It Muffin”, a bright and fluffy electro powerhouse. A particular standout can be found in track eleven, “19:02” Kusa Makura”, which initially captivates with sparkling synths and hollow percussion, and subsequently climaxes into a cocktail of high-powered pop extravaganza. Additional highlights include track fourteen “22:12 Until The End Of Time”, a coda to track two, that launches into an entrancing 10-minute journey that builds up to echo sonically what “Haven” aims to convey visually. Tapping into DANGER’s beloved nocturnal profile, “00:21 Nothing Bust Rust” takes a cynical spin, driven forward by tribal vocal harmonies and an unforgiving drum line. The penultimate track “03:20 Free Fall” sets the stage for the ultimate good-bye with a euphoric, airy electro bassline that rings true to the other-worldly nature of the game.

Haven is a game that leaves a lot of space for exploring the environment and the relationships between the characters. Very early on, I felt that the most important emotion was the idea of a connection that the player has to weave little by little between all the various parts. The music for Haven had to express this connection: something that’s built up little by little, that becomes increasingly solid, encompassing, reassuring, bewitching, while never denying its underlying fragility.“

In Haven (Original Game Soundtrack), DANGER continues to prove why he’s consistently deemed to be one of electronic music’s most innovative electronic musicians. He subtly underlines his commitment to the small idiosyncrasies that define him – naming his tracks after the time of day that they were finished and his unmistakable black mask – but he welcomes new opportunities with open arms and an even more open mind. As a longtime video game enthusiast, he looks forward to adding his dazzling touch to a myriad of soundtracks in the future. Haven is out now on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series & One (Game Pass) —


Over the years, DANGER has outgrown his status as just an artist to become a global phenomenon, navigating between the world of music and the world of graphic design and video games. In keeping an anonymous stage persona since the start of his career and never revealing his identity, DANGER has constructed a dark and mysterious universe that contributes to the spectacular nature of his music. After his albums “太鼓” and “Origins,” he returns to the limelight with the Haven soundtrack —


 The Game Bakers is an independent game studio that strives to bring gamers experiences that will be remembered long after the game is finished. The studio is based in Montpellier, but the team works in France and with collaborators around the world. Their track record outside of Haven, includes frenzied bossfight game Furi, underwater tactical RPG Squids Odyssey and the mobile brawler Combo Crew —


G4F Records is a label specializing in music for video games, film , animation and more. It publishes, promotes and distributes original video game soundtracks on physical media (Vinyl, CD) and digitally on Bandcamp and its online store. G4F records seeks to develop video game music and bring it to a wider audience —