Daredevil Falls Shares Radiant New Single “Arms of Bliss”

Self-Titled Debut Album Out September 23
Produced By Kevin Augunas .

Today, Daredevil Falls shares the single “Arms of Bliss,” the latest taste from the upcoming Kevin Augunas-produced (Cold War KidsThe LumineersNEEDTOBREATHESinead O’ConnorEdward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros) self-titled debut album, due out September 23. First premiered via Ghettoblaster, the track is a radiant, gospel-tinged ode to his loved ones. “This song was triggered by something my grandmother said when I was a teenager,” Daredevil Falls’ mastermind Kevin Kimberlin says. “I asked her whether I should go to a party or not, and her words stuck with me ever since: ‘Sing and dance while you’re young,’ she advised me. In this celebration of family, as all three of my children sing harmonies, each is represented by a growing crescendo of guitar riffs in the finale.”
Kimberlin currently serves as as chairman of the advanced technology development firm Spencer Trask & Co, but his entrepreneurism today is influenced by his time as a musician in the 70’s New York City punk/glam rock scene, including hanging out with the Ramones and opening for The New York Dolls and KISS — where he once traded his Flying V with Paul Stanley, receiving a Les Paul (pictured above) in return that allegedly belonged to John Lennon.

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A world of inventiveness can be found across Daredevil Falls, as each song is a short film with its own sonic atmosphere and emotional energy, first heard on lead single “4,444.” The album covers the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, heartaches, heartbreaks and the joy we find in every love journey — songs that convey the conflicting emotions that we often feel…but dare not say. Kimberlin says, “With this record, I wanted to create something different, and hopefully say something meaningful in every song that would speak to my generation.”

About Kevin Kimberlin:
Kevin Kimberlin discovers and supports big ideas, and makes them practical and valuable. He co-founded or first funded several companies that have changed the medical landscape and revolutionized global communications. Working with Dr. Jonas Salk, the two patented and developed the first FDA-approved cancer vaccine. He went on to co-found Ciena Corp, the venture that first developed and deployed the optical amplification technology that powers 99% of the world’s internet traffic. He also co-founded the company that discovered the breast cancer gene (BRCA1), which has saved the lives of many women, notably Angelina Jolie. Earning three degrees while attending five colleges in six years, Kimberlin then graduated from Harvard Business School. 

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