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Das Mörtal releases latest album ‘ Miami Beach Witches’

Das Mörtal Shares New Album 'Miami Beach Witches' In Full | News | Clash  Magazine
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Renowned producer Das Mörtal has released his album Miami Beach Witches on the 30th of October via Lisbon Lux Records. On the album is the noteworthy track, ‘Age of Solitude’. The Montreal based musician has received support from tastemaker Youtube channels such as New Retro Wave as well as publications such as CLASH Magazine, Metal Sucks, Heavy Blog Is Heavy, Pure Volume,  Exclaim!, comeherefloyd and The Montreal Gazette. His album Hotline Miami II has racked up over 10 million streams and he has featured on Spotify playlists including Retrowave/ Outrun, Dr. Disrespect, and Apple Playlist ÉlectroniQC. He has toured with Perturbator, shared the stage with Carpenter Brut, Gost, Danger, Dan Terminus, Tommy’86 and Le Matos, and performed at festivals such as Les Transmusicales and Osheaga Festival. Das Mörtal also participated in the composition of the soundtrack for the latest Street Of Rage 4 (SEGA). 

Miami Beach Witches Tracklisting
1. Teenage Angst (Intro)
2. Miami Beach Witches
3. Wicked Desires
4. Black Summer Lips
5. Beyond The Night
6. It Comes
7. Deathstream
8. Hex Machina
9. Age Of Solitude
10. The Void
11. Hopeless Necromantic
12. VVitch Kiss (Outro) 
 Listen: Das Mörtal – ‘Age Of Solitude’

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In February 2021, Das Mörtal will present his new album, Miami Beach Witches during an immersive live show at Montreal’s SAT, which will also be live-streamed for his worldwide audience. The show promises to be a powerful musical experience where social distancing becomes an integral part of the scenography. The staging of the show, created by digital artist Nathan Nardin (Charlotte Cardin, Ariane Moffatt), is inspired by the occult themes that run throughout the album, transporting the audience to a luminous digital forest.

Chilean Canadian Cristobal Cortes, aka Das Mörtal has produced the soundtracks for a few films, including Naissance d’un Zombie and feature film Deadcon resulting in a significant rise in results on Shazam. His 2017 album Always Loved (which is still selling rapidly on vinyl) featured collaborations with French Fox and Ghost Twin and received international acclaim that allowed Das Mörtal to headline his first US tour. Inspired by artists such as Steve Moore and Aphex Twin, Das Mörtal creates an obscure and nostalgic sound, mixing influences from german techno to horror and sci-fi movie soundtracks. However, the producer draws closer parallels to artists such as Gesaffelstein, Perturbator, and Waveshaper. 

Revolving around Pagan influences and beliefs, Miami Beach Witches embraces all of the strange and unusual fantasies found within the wave movements making it the perfect mixtape for any practitioner of the dark arts. The title track carries pure nostalgia, with 80’s styled synths permeating rhythmic basslines however, as we delve further into the album, darker elements are introduced like a spell. ‘Age of Solitude’ is a theme song for every teenager that’s felt like they didn’t fit in with the rest of the world, but found their place in the darker subcultures.

Das Mörtal shares some further insight into Miami Beach Witches, “[The album] is a collection of uplifting tracks that gradually became tainted by feelings of loneliness and social anxiety.”

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