DejaVilla ft. Shanique Marie ‘In The Morning’ Ultra Music

David Marston and Sarah Couch are DejaVilla. The Jamaica-raised tandem distill the sounds
of riddim-tinged electronica with worldly aromas and future-R&B. Ahead of their forthcoming
studio album Castle With a View, DejaVilla Unveil “In The Morning” featuring Shanique
Marie Friday, June 4 via Ultra Music.

Listen to “In The Morning”

DejaVilla map fluid, sexy soundscapes to define the fabric of their signature sound. David and
Sarah hail from the vibrant metropolis of Kingston- the capital city of Jamaica where much of
their artistic inspiration is found. Although the duo have been acquainted since their school
years, they spent years traveling solo, gathering the inspiration that ultimately led them to their
magnum opus in 2017- DejaVilla. As of today, DejaVilla collaborates long-distance between
London and Kingston, but no distance can water down their poignant synchronicity.
Producer/songwriter David lives in the United Kingdom crafting ethereal dance riddims while
Sarah adds a signature Jamaican flavor via patois-tinged vocals and sensual lyrical prose. Their
debut single “Suit A Rebel” in 2018 was a breakout hit signed to Ultra Music followed-up by
“Feel Me Running Away” featuring Kat C.H.R. In 2019 the duo released “Ochi to Mobay” an
ode to sexual liberation and unwavering self confidence. Their self-titled debut EP, also released
in 2019, was stepping-stone success which led to a New York City tour where they performed at
venues like Alleycat Amateur Theater, Soho House, Harman Store, and Elsewhere. Following a
mention in Rolling Stone India and the recent release of “Chocolate in Your Pocket” which saw
praise from outlets like Lyrical Lemonade, C-Heads Magazine, Clout Magazine, and many more,
DejaVilla announces their next studio album Castle With a View. The genesis of the album comes
by the way of their lead single “In The Morning” featuring Shanique Marie, vocalist of the world
famous dancehall ensemble Equiknoxx. A sultry electro-R&B number with rich guitar riffs and
stunning vocals courtesy of both Sarah and Shanique, “In The Morning” is a flirty, captivating
debut to the anticipated LP.

“This song has special meaning to me as it is the first beat I made when I started producing
during my first year of University. It has evolved a great deal over the years from its original
formulation, but I am really happy with how it has taken shape as a DejaVilla song. The track is
built on emotive and lush T-Pain-inspired R&B instrumentation and showcases Sarah and
Shanique’s outstanding vocal talents and songwriting.” – David Marston

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