Denae Heals Our Souls With The New EP My Dark Place

By : Magdalena Sznigir

Pop/rap singer-songwriter Tayler Denae, artist name Denae, heals our souls with her new EP release, My Dark Place. The five tracks she has created flow like water, starting-off with the over 100K streamed single, “Last Night,” a magical song that displays the beauty of her singing skills over an electro-pop sonic construction. 

It’s on the third track of the EP, “Sirens” that listeners get introduced to Denae’s rap skills that she gracefully merges with more poppy segments. The hard-hitting electro beats blend in beautifully with the more laid-back parts, offering a multi-faceted act that brings an intense substance to this major EP. 

“Parasite” is beautifully melodic and features Denae’s vocals’ crystalline quality, her strongest weapon to hypnotize the audience in the blink of an eye.