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Dialect‘s Under~Between unfolds with the hopeful energy of seedlings springing forth from soft earth. The longstanding project of Liverpool-based artist Andrew PM Hunt, Dialect’s cross-pollination of acoustic and synthetic ensembles with human voice on Under~Between grows into a joyous ecosystem of delicate sound and intimate, unexpected melodies, yielding a strange yet delectable fruit.

artist Dialect
title Under~Between
label RVNG Intl.
date 19/03/2021
format Vinyl | Digital
cat. # RVNGNL67
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1. Under~Between
2. Yamaha Birds 1
3. Flame Not Stone
4. Stacks
5. Ringing The Web
6. Sentimental, Sedimentary
7. Feathers Dance
8. Invert Yr Path
9. Holon
10. Yamaha Birds 2
11. An Archipelago

We celebrate today’s announcement of Dialect’s fourth album by sharing the title track “Under~Between,” the first breath of a record made with the collaboration between Hunt and chamber music group Immix Ensemble at its core, and a video directed by visual artist Sara Ludy.

“The video for “Under~Between” was inspired by the cadence of the poem; how a vision unfolds of a landscape, settling you into its expansiveness while augmenting daydreams,” says Ludy. “When you’re in this state of high vibration, you open yourself up to accessing collective pasts that are embedded throughout the landscape. You become aware of your connection to the cosmos and to everything. The video is a reference to all those feelings, how personal and collective experiences are woven into a material we become a part of and observe.