On Diamondtown’s self-titled album and its accompanying 7” lathe, the group (featuring alumni of Eric’s Trip, Dog Day and Century Egg) fuses influences from ‘80s goth and shoegaze with ‘60s psychedelic pop for a melancholy, sun-bleached sound they call dream-rock.

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Founding member Evan Cardwell might describe the album as “rocking,” but its 10 songs drift by like mellow waves lapping against the shore. Vocalist KC Spidle is joined by airy harmonies and easygoing laughter, yet his lyrical themes are not quite as uplifting as the music may suggest. By the time they reach the glistening “Dream All Day,” he welcomes listeners inside his own head, but still has no idea “whether I’m coming or going.”

A simple song about wandering aimlessly through life in a daze instead of facing your problems and actually getting your shit together