DinoVert releases ‘Runaway’

Based on the music, DinoVert is a name that should be popping up everywhere very soon. At only 21 years of age, the man behind the track – Brandon James Kostelnik, is creating melodies so catchy, they are turning quite a few heads already. Runaway is the new single by the Houston native, and it is set to elevate the youngster’s career even further when it lands on the 22nd of August.


With recent influences such as The Kid Laroi, Iann Dior and even Post Malone, DinoVert is creating an energetic and euphoric sound that can be listened to all-year-round. The strummed acoustic guitar and Raeggeton drum beat was crafted and molded together by producer ​​Lewin Riddell (pka. ‘In Bloom’).

Lyrically, Brandon ponders on a young love that is facing one of life’s great challenges – growing up. There is positivity throughout however, as the tone of the song implies a happy ending, allowing us to dance the whole way through.

Speaking on the track, he says:

“Runaway is about a relationship at a crossroads where we have to take diverging life paths, but will eventually come back together. I let my thoughts flow and ended up freestyling the lyrics for this song in the middle of the night at my home studio. The song came together and was finished that night.


Rising 21 year old artist from Houston, Tx with a melodic Hip-Hop/Pop sound that has its own unique style and crosses into multiple genres of music. DinoVert creates music that evokes an emotional experience with lyrics that listeners can relate to, visualize, and draw a personal connection from.