Dirg Gerner drops uplifting new single and video ‘Bumpy Ride’ feat. Theo Croker

The maverick artist ponders the dance of vulnerability and embraces the essence of acceptance on this tender yet powerful song

Acclaimed soulster Dirg Gerner unveils his mesmerizing new single ‘Bumpy Ride’ feat. Theo Croker, out on 21st July. 


‘Bumpy Ride’ is a vibrant and uplifting song that resonates deeply. With its empowering lyrics and infectious melody, it encourages us to embrace life’s challenges and forge our own paths. The addition of Grammy Award-nominated trumpeter Theo Croker adds another touch of magic.

The single comes accompanied by a touching music video produced and directed by the Cycles Studio collective. “What is a Simple Man?” reads the opening caption, before showing Gerner in his natural home studio environment, along with intimate portrait close-ups of artist friends, mindfully living their everyday lives. 

“Failure is a natural part of learning and growth”, Dirg says about the single’s theme. “I’ve had my fair share, but I know I’ll be fine, as long as I trust my instincts and remain curious. I found, with an ever present feeling of curiosity, it becomes easier to stand up quickly after falling. It seems equally important to acknowledge that setbacks and failures are opportunities for growth. We should never judge or criticize others, especially during their difficult moments. To forge one’s own path with authenticity, is an integral part of all healing process, even though it might be innocently naive at times.”

Dirg Gerner made his initial foray into the music world as a featured artist on highly-praised tracks, garnering praise and support from luminaries such as Benji B (BBC Radio 1, Music director of Louis Vuitton), Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 6 Music, Brownswood), and Om’Mas Keith ( Grammy Award-winning record producer: Frank Ocean, Erykah Badu, John Legend). In 2013, his self-titled debut EP wowed music enthusiasts, enchanting them with his velvety voice and candid, skillfully composed songs. Born of Chilean and German descent, but at the time residing in London, Dirg’s enigmatic presence left an indelible mark on the music scene before he seemingly vanished, leaving an audience eager for more.

Despite his undeniable talent, details about his life remain scarce, leaving us to wonder about his whereabouts and endeavors over the past decade. Periodically, he resurfaces, discreetly contributing his writing prowess to songs by distinguished artists. While he may exude an air of mystery and media-shyness, Dirg Gerner’s vocal delivery is a raw, unfiltered expression of his soul. His writing resonates with manifested emotion, as he remains committed to his personal growth, opting for an unintentional off-grid lifestyle. He transcends the label of a mere singer-songwriter, assuming the role of a soul-documentarian, capturing the essence of the world through his art. 

The man is a natural born introvert. His extraordinary ability to delve into the core of existence has become akin to a superpower, channeled through the medium of sound and poetry. In a world where art can be cynical and manufactured, Dirg Gerner stands as a fearless exemplar of authenticity and humanity. His peers cherish his creations, evident through the recognition he receives in the form of cover versions of his songs performed by artists such as Yazmin Lacey or Kelsey Gonzales, as well as credits of songs by like-minded artists, a testament to his unwavering dedication to genuine expression.

Trumpeter Theo Croker exudes an unmistakable air of chill, an easy smile on display. That chill is the result of a clear musical approach and determination that dates back to Croker’s teenage days forming big bands and fearlessly pushing the bounds of the music played by his grandfather, trumpeter Doc Cheatham. His reach includes collaborations with a variety of musicians: vocalists Ari Lennox and Jill Scott, rappers J. Cole and Wyclef Jean, and mentors including NEA Jazz Master Dee Dee Bridgewater and saxophonist Gary Bartz. 

‘Bumpy Ride’ is another profound statement from an evolving artist bearing his soul. Self-reflective and melodically brilliant, Dirg Gerner is an artist in his element. 

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