Disciples’ DUVALL releases video for solo debut ‘Every Song’

Founding member of Disciples trio, Nathan Vincent Duvall, individually known as Duvall drops accompanying video to debut solo single ‘Every Song’ featuring bshp today. Watch here.

 The video follows Duvall as he explores a house under duress following an escape with his lover in hand, bringing the track released earlier in the year to life. ‘Every Song’ to date has received over 1m streams following release and Duvall’s delve into his solo career has been well received.

Listen to Duvall feat. bshp – Every Song

Most will know Nathan Vincent Duvall as a founding member of platinum-selling DJ and producer trio Disciples, but there’s a lot more to this gifted creator than meets the eye. Fresh from signing exclusively with Amsterdam-, New York- and London-based record label Armada Music and thus choosing creative freedom, Duvall debuted on the internationally renowned label with ‘Every Song’ featuring bshp (pronounced as “Bishop”), who was discovered by Duvall two years ago and drafted in to perform on recent Disciples single ‘Solid Gold’.

A sizzling, sure-fire summer anthem, ‘Every Song’ ties together the innate musicality of Duvall with the immaculate vocal delivery of rising vocal sensation bshp. Instantly catchy and undeniably addictive, ‘Every Song’ oozes pop and house sensibilities and has listeners counting down the minutes until they can hear it live on the dance floor.

“The idea for ‘Every Song’ started on a writing camp my company (OUTCRY) set up in London in 2019”, Duvall explains. “Over the next year, it developed into a beautiful record I’m very proud of. It’s co-written and performed by the amazing bshp, who is without a doubt the best singer I’ve ever worked with. She’s someone we’re developing and I can’t wait for the world to hear this Whitney Houston-level talent.”

“Every song lets us know how we can’t get someone out of our head when we’re invested in them”bshp adds. “Everywhere we go, everything reminds us of them, and every song we hear is all of a sudden so damn relatable. I love that feeling when it’s the start of something and it’s exciting. I’m so gassed to be part of this collaboration with Duvall, as I’m already a huge fan of his work.”