Disco Dreams releases latest single ‘Ether Swamp’

Following the release of his recent debut album and single, Disco Dreams is proud to announce his newest single Ether Swamp. UnIike his most recent tracks described as him “using his ethereal vocals and emotionally tender melodies to come together and form some rather stunning electronic music, capable of both cherish ing and filling the listener up with energy ‘(Jpgchief, Online blogger of independent music). This track is more upbeat, dance worthy and bass heavy Taking the listener on an adventure through grimy swamp Iike soundsc apes that could be great for feelings of meditation and euphoria.

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About Disco Dreams :

Disco Dreams is an electronic music producer from Northeast Ohio. He uses his ethereal like vocals combined with beats to create a psychedelic-dance vibe. No matter what tone he may be portraying, it is without a doubt a captivating and emotion filled adventure. He hopes to spread his love for music to others to remind people to live in the moment, carefree.

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