Disco Fries and Molly Moore debut on OH2 Records with stellar ‘Dumb Things’

Today American DJ and producer duo Disco Fries make their debut on OH2 Records with stellar ‘Dumb Things’. The duo has had a hugely successful 2020 into 2021, releasing hits such as ‘Forever Love’ with Bingo Players and ‘Believer.’ With the release of ‘Dumb Things’, Disco Fries and Molly Moore are now ready to turn the dance community upside down again.

Listen Here :

Shortly after the guitar melody kicks off the track, the vocals rush in, giving the record instant recognizability. ‘Dumb Things’ soon builds up to a highly-groovy drop when the magnificently energetic bass hits. Evolving to the second drop, the pulsing synth tones and pulsing build-ups intertwine with the vocals perfectly. The catchy tune of ‘Dumb Things’ will definitely bounce around in your head for days.

We were introduced to Molly through our mutual friend and incredible songwriter, Tony Santana. Molly had this killer idea for a record and it came together relatively quick. When that happens, we know it’s special. The ‘Dumb Things’ production style was inspired by some of the recent remixes we’ve done and we wanted to carry that soundset into an original record. As soon as we finished it, we thought it would be something Oliver Heldens would dig and he jumped on it straight away for OH2 Records.”, say Disco Fries.

I wrote ‘Dumb Things’ at a time in my journey where I was remembering how to focus on my own life. I had gotten out of a long term relationship and was rediscovering the things I like about myself. I hope this empowers anyone listening to feel like they can take their life back into their own hands.”, says Molly Moore.

With well over 1 Million monthly listeners across Apple and Spotify, Disco Fries are an indispensable part of the industry as we know it. Gaining a #3 on Mediabase Dance and #45 at Mediabase Pop US with their radio single ‘Forever Love’ alongside Bingo Players & Viiq, which also went in rotation on SiriusXM BPMiHeartRadio Evolution and SiriusXM Globalization, the duo is ready for an even bigger year than 2020. The duo will perform at the first live electronic music performance venue at Area 15 in Las Vegas in Q2 of this year.

In addition to their artist brand, Disco Fries recently launched – the world’s first finishing house for music, elevating the mixing and mastering experience to include production and A&R feedback. The duo will also be launching a livestream demo drop to compliment the website on Twitch.

About OHRecords:
After launching his first label Heldeep Records in 2014, international superstar Oliver Heldens felt it was time to focus on the more commercial leaning side of the scene. Kick-starting his newest label OH2 Records with the release of his own track ‘Set Me Free’, the bar for the label is set high. The first artists are being signed to the label as we speak and are very promising to say the least. With Heldeep Records releasing the taste maker club and house records, OH2 Records is ready to dominate the industry with more commercial leaning, streaming focused productions.

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Instagram | Website | Spotify | Soundcloud | YouTube

Instagram | Facebook | Website | Spotify | Soundcloud | YouTube