Dream Pop Duo ACER Debut with “Baker St.”

ACER is the dream-pop duo of instrumentalist/producer Kyle Gottschalk & vocalist Connory Ballantyne. Forming the band during their time as roommates during the lockdowns, Gottschalk handed over a slew of bedroom demos – pastoral, hazy, heavenly – to Ballantyne who returned them full of emotional, yet boldly energetic vocals.

Stream  “Baker St.” now:

Both members have played in multiple bands over the years: Ballantyne in art-rock band House Art, backing Mappe Of, and JoJo Worthington on multiple tours & currently fronting pop boy band group Province, and Gottschalk in dream-pop/emo band Mount Mural as well as House Art.

Debut single, “Baker St.,”  flexes all of the duo’s musical muscles at once and showcases a convergence of influences. Brash, affected vocals, dreamy production, and ambient pieces… how many dream-pop acts have beat-switches?