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DUBOSS pays homage to following your dreams on his new track ‘Losing My Religion’

After more than 5 million streams on his debut single ‘Voyage, Voyage’ with Imanbek, DUBOSS is back with another slammer in the form of ‘Losing My Religion’. The vocals from the like-named ‘90s hit by R.E.M. are giving a whole new meaning to this brand-new masterpiece.


DUBOSS: “This year is being very tough for everyone and I feel many people have been considering giving up their dreams or passions. Many DJs and producers, together with many people from the entertainment industry, have seen their careers deeply affected. I felt I could express these emotions through this song.

This story DUBOSS wants to tell has been executed flawlessly on this future classic. The compelling build-up takes you on a journey to progressive house and breakbeat influences. When we get to the drop, sitting still is simply impossible.

With this second release, DUBOSS reveals how he masters the contemporary sound perfectly. Get ready as he’s just started to showcase to us all he’s capable of.

DUBOSS – ‘Losing My Religion’ is out now on Sony Music.

Drawing on years of experience and his Balearic upbringing, DUBOSS is the newcomer to keep your eyes on. A child of the ‘80s, he grew up with his Spanish mother and Swiss father in Mallorca — Ibiza’s big sister island. As a result, he was influenced from an early age by top European DJs who would come and play at his home island’s clubs, including the legendary BCM. This melting pot of sounds turned him onto Italo disco, classic ‘80s anthems and techno-pop and later ‘90s Balearic house. All this fuses into his high-energy, euphoric contemporary club-pop sounds.
A well-seasoned traveller, he also draws influence from across the world visiting around 100 countries across his life. Aside from music, he’s a big exercise fanatic and practices mindfulness and likes to keep engaged in world affairs and social causes.