Dyan Tai Releases Empowering Electronic Anthem ‘Hantu’

Gaysian Empress of Sydney Dyan Tai, releases an empowering electronic liberating anthem  ‘Hantu’ that fuses the artists’ heritage, featuring Malaysian and Indonesian soundscapes layered  with delicate Tuvan throat singing.  

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‘Hantu’ which means ghost, is a haunting exploration of queer liberation by confronting inner  demons and parts of our identity that are hidden. It peels back the layers of societal neglect and  exposes how circumstances can mould individuals into reluctant participants of our own shadows.  This track serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate dance between adversity and identity, a  dance that often leads down unexpected, perilous paths.  

On the single, Dyan Tai said, ”’Hantu’ is particularly important for me as a Queer artist and  musician. I had to dig really deep to find sounds and lyrics that reflect my experience and  upbringing as a queer person who grew up in Malaysia.I wasn’t able to fully express my queerness  until I moved to Sydney and through this song, I’ve been able to fully confront and liberate myself,”  

“I grew up in Malaysia, however my background is Chinese which is why I know more about Malay  culture and music. It was interesting to be part of a diasporic migrant experience in Malaysia and  now I have the same experience here in Australia. I consider it a blessing musically and being able  bring Malay and Indonesian sounds into my music is healing,” they said.  

Originally made for Sydney WorldPride 2023’s Djarabba Disco, Dyan went on to further develop  the song, which was then mixed by Wave Racer (Astral People) and mastered by Ben Feggans  (Studios 301).  

As a multi-faceted artist and founder of Queer Asian artist led movement, ‘Worship Queer  Collective,’ Dyan Tai’s mission is encapsulated in the very essence of their art: to uplift, to inspire,  and to drive the relentless pursuit of a world where the voices of the unheard are finally heard.  More than an artist; they are a catalyst for change, which testament to the transformative power  with their music within today’s music industry. 

Dyan Tai’s journey is a testament to their unwavering commitment to amplifying the voices of the  LGBQTI+ communities and the marginalised, and their mission is clear: to illuminate the lives of  the have-nots and rally a community to reflect, rise, educate, and unite. Their performance at this  year’s BigSound has put the artist on the map as the one to watch for 2023.  

In the world of pop music, “Hantu” stands as a testament to the power of storytelling,

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