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DYLYN “Make It Naked”

Make It Naked - Single by DYLYN | Spotify

Rock ‘n roll is not the easy way, but it’s a freeing way, and it’s the way Toronto artist DYLYN wants to live her life. Each single sounds more monstrous than the last, unleashing a talent that’s only beginning to realize her true potential. DYLYN has finally found herself. The rest of the world is about to find her, as well.

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Make It Naked,” the title track of DYLYN’s forthcoming EP, is a portal into where she’s going musically. It’s a real thunderbolt to the ears. It’s about stripping yourself down to the very bone and being who you truly are. Scars, bruises, emotions – the raw version of you. Sometimes we need to get down to the naked truth to see ourselves for who we are. Pump this one up to 11.