Eamon McGrath “April”

Toronto’s Eamon McGrath continues to blaze an impassioned trail of music that finds a sound and voice somewhere between punk rock, country, folk and rock and roll. McGrath and his guitar represent a new dawn of singer-songwriting that’s injected with the raw, fierce energy of punk rock: not in the sense of an acoustic performer hollering at the top of his lungs to simulate the energy of a full band, but instead something more rooted in a passionate commitment to your craft and a blind and zealous determination to your vision, wrapped in a sonic texture as rough as the road itself.

New single, “April,” is about the melancholic transformation of winter to spring. It is a time of great longing, of great relief, and of great optimism – yet there’s always a paradoxical tendency to look back on what is usually a difficult time and wish that you could’ve made more of it.