Edith ‘The Day We Met’

Edith is a Romanian born, London based pop artist, whose music fuses infectious, dance worthy melodies with emotional, honest lyrics. Edith started writing songs and playing guitar at the young age of 10, when her family moved to England. Finding inspiration in her surroundings, she soaked up the music of The Beatles and Eric Clapton, mesmerised by their songwriting techniques and ability to allow listeners to feel the narrative of the song through their sounds. Combined with the synth pop sensibilities of Lauv and LANY, as well as the storytelling lyricism of Taylor Swift, Edith has concocted a sound which will remedy all of life’s hurdles. 

Writing songs has always been her way of coping with whatever is going on in her life and dealing with her emotions. The songwriter shares, “I hope that my music is the kind people relate to. I hope it makes people feel like home. For me, that is the most important thing I look for in music. The story it captures. The thought that my music could help them go through a hard time, that’s what music is about, the connection between the people listening and the artist, because at the end of the day we all go through very different experiences but we all feel the same way.”

Her latest single “The Day We Met” is about wishing you could relive a certain moment. Edith confides, “I sat alone and replayed it over and over in my head and really wished I would have said how I really felt in that moment. It is really a sad song which I wanted people to dance to.”

With a steady, move-inducing beat and twinkling synths, the track is coated in a glossy, fluorescent soundscape, as she longingly sings, “Take me by the hand, to the bar where we first met, that look is so addictive”. Despite it’s feel-good sound, the raw and passionate lyrics tug on your heartstrings, allowing you to witness the deep yearning for a past memory. 

Edith has played countless shows around London’s most popular grassroot venues such as The Notting Hill Arts Club, The Fiddlers Elbow and Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, as well as having garnered acclaim from notable press outlets. “The Day We Met” is off of the upcoming 13-track album, In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak, which is set for release later this year.