Electronic/ Jazz Fusion Maestro Fantomacs Releases New Album ‘Harmonius Fusion’

Joerg Peters, widely recognized by his pseudonym Fantomacs, has emerged as a groundbreaking figure in the electronic music industry, captivating audiences with his innovative soundscapes and daring approach to music. Hailing from the dynamic city of Berlin, currently based in Bern, Switzerland, Fantomacs’ journey from his hometown’s rich musical tapestry to international acclaim has been nothing short of remarkable.

Back with the new single ‘Air Stream’ taken from the new 8 track album ‘Harmonius Fusion’, Fantomacs offers a taste of the energetic yet atmospheric Electro/ Fusion-Jazz composition that have seen him gain acclaim so far. Full of intricate improvisations and rhythmic complexity, the album showcases a rich mixture of live instrumentation layered within electronic elements, displaying virtuoso musicianship and complex, innovative musicality. 

Growing up in a city renowned for its thriving music scene, Fantomacs was exposed to a diverse array of musical genres and styles that would deeply influence his artistic journey. The electronic music movement emanating from Berlin played a pivotal role in shaping his musical sensibilities, fostering a deep appreciation for experimental sounds, driving beats, and captivating melodies.

Armed with this inspiration, Fantomacs embarked on his creative odyssey, refining his skills as a producer and composer. Drawing from the legacies of electronic music pioneers such as Doldinger’s Passport, Mezzoforte, Four80East, and Steely Dan, he crafted a unique sonic identity, blending elements of ambient, chillout, electronic music, fusion jazz, funk, and rock into his compositions.

Throughout his musical journey, Fantomacs remains rooted in Berlin, releasing 5 albums to date and positioning himself as an exciting, prolific and visionary artist. Drawing inspiration from the city’s vibrant energy and avant-garde spirit, evident in his compositions, which blend nostalgia and futurism in a unique way.

The new single ‘Air Stream’ is released November 17th

‘Harmonious Fusion’ tracklisting:

1. Air Stream

2. Around the Corner – 2023 remastered version

3. Ataraxia – 2023 remastered version

4. Bless this Bliss

5. Bottom Mercy – Remix (feat. Markus Mueller)

6. Sea to Sky

7. Traffic Jam

8. Unaffected

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