Iconic and pioneering UK dance label Positiva Records has been at the helm of the global scene via London for almost thirty years with a legendary catalogue to some of the world’s most memorable releases. As the legendary label approaches its thirtieth birthday, one of their brand new signings for 2021 is the singer, songwriter, producer and DJ duo, Eli & Fur who have a series of new material set to drop via the imprint throughout this year. Fresh off the back of collaborations with Camelphat and Danny HowardEli & Fur batten down the hatches for yet another monolithic project. 


The first in the series set for release on 16th April, sees Eli & Fur enlisting long-time friends, allies and peers Disciples and teaming up for their first fully collaborative release together, ‘The Pressure’

The listener is plunged fervently into Disciples and Eli & Fur’s experimental new world of depth-charged vocals and sub-aquatic sound design – ‘The Pressure’ is a project which has been masterminded through the global pandemic, eagerly waiting to be unleashed upon the new-world as we begin our descent back to normality. 

It’s clear to hear the impressive collective production knowledge at play here between Disciples x Eli & Fur – their distinct and unique sounds have been married together whilst retaining each other’s signature tonality with masterful effect. 

Eli & Fur describe the release as “a combination of both ours and Disciples’ sound which we feel is really special. It falls somewhere in between a track that makes you want to get up and dance as well as retaining that emotive and ethereal sound we feel is so important for any track we release. For us it is about being all consumed by love and all the positive and negative that comes with that.”. 

Waves of shimmering pads lap through the mix like an ocean-tide across the deep spectrum of body moving synths and steadfast drum work. The original vocal accompaniment has been supplied by both parties, Eli & Fur’s call and response style vocal arrangement effortlessly parallels with the sonant recordings provided by Disciples

The track rises and falls with lifelike character, a sea-spray of FX carries the arrangement into crescendo for a final downpour of house music euphoria. Eli & Fur’s breadth of ability never fails to impress even the most casual of listeners, their unification with Disciples is welcomed with open arms and untold dancefloor elation.

“We’re so excited to be dropping this track… Eli and Fur are like sisters to us. We met about 5/6 years ago in Newcastle at Club Digital and the connection has stayed real ever since. It’s funny, despite knowing each other for all that time we had never officially spoken about collaborating – it’s always just been us joking around when we do link up, so it’s so exciting to to finally get to do this and go back to back vocally and production wise. This one felt really special from the jump”. 

Luke, Disciples







ABOUT DISCIPLES: The south London trio (Nathan Vincent Duvall, Gavin Koolmon, and Luke McDermott) pride themselves on staying true to the myriad of sounds they love, while also appealing to a wide audience. Formed in 2013, Disciples found success in a relatively short space of time. Thanks to their combined talent, determination and relentless hard work, the group have toured the globe, won numerous awards, picked up Gold and Platinum hits and maintained a consistent flow of high quality productions.

Midway through 2015, Disciples dropped their huge collaboration with Calvin Harris, the multi-platinum selling hit ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’. The track shot to No.2 in the British charts, hitting 27 in the Billboard 100 and establishing the trio as a production outfit to be reckoned with. With vocals by Norwegian singer/songwriter Ina Wroldsen, ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’ encapsulated the Disciples ability to blur the line between the underground and commercial ends of the musical spectrum. Despite its big room sensibilities, the track still retained the kind of subtle, emotive musicality that have become a Disciples trademark. It picked up two nominations at the Brit Awards in 2016, for British Artist Video of the Year and Best British Single.

In an ever changing musical and cultural landscape, Disciples continue to not only remain relevant, but lead the vanguard for what’s both popular and cool, in a way few can and staying true to that sweet spot between the underground and the mainstream, a place where they are most at home.