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Elina debuts new EP ‘Remember’

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Today, Swedish artist and renowned songwriter Elina (real name Elina Stridh) has released her anticipated sophomore EP, Remember. The EP can be streamed in full now here

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1. How
2. Free
3. Another Round
4. Paper Planes
5. Blue
6. Remember

Remember EP
“Blue” (lyric Video)
“Paper Planes (Official Video)
“Free” (Live Video)
In Hindsight EP
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A project that has blossomed alongside a string of gorgeous singles released starting fall 2019, the EP marks a distinct period of growth and self-realization for the budding artist and songwriter. Elina notes:

  • “This EP is all about embracing change. About accepting that everything is transient. I’ve had a complicated relationship to change all my life and I’ve learned this about myself more than ever while writing these songs. They reflect a lot of what’s been going on in my own head and in my personal life this past year. It’s been therapeutic as always, writing alongside life. I’ve started letting go of the control I try to have over the uncontrollable. I’ve started taking care of my mental health in several ways. I think I’ve become a little more aware of the root of the anxiety I’ve had over the past few years and I’ve found new ways to cope with it. Even though there is a sentimental undertone to the music I want this chapter to be a bright one. I want it to spark new ways of thinking, just like it did for me. The end of something is always the beginning of something else. We love, let go and love again. We make new memories, find new paths. We’re all on a constant journey trying to navigate through life, and with every experience, we become a little wiser. I want to reach a point where I can stand before change without being scared of it. It is so important to be true to yourself and not stay in places, with people or in situations where you don’t feel happy. Most of the time it’s just the monsters in our own head stopping us from exploring the love and happiness out there for us.”

The Remember EP is the pinnacle of a breakout year for Elina, whose songs have garnered 150MM+ Spotify streams and counting. Approaching her songwriting from a more stripped-back, organic angle, the EP is a stunning collection of lyrically-rich, delicately understated pop gems. The first taste of the EP came fall 2019 with the gorgeous, folk-inspired single “Free,” which was featured on multiple Spotify ‘New Music Friday’ playlists and saw love from outlets like 1883 Magazine and EUPHORIA. Single “Another Round” followed, which Ladygunn praised, noting, “The piano driven song is soaked with Elina’s raw voice.” 

Elina kicked off 2020 with single “Paper Planes,”which saw love from Flaunt, who proclaimed that Elina “[combines] her hauntingly beautiful voice with her lyrical finesse in her new tour de force.” Watch the “Paper Planes” official video here. Spring 2020 single “Blue” is another intimate, lyrical masterpiece, drawing love from Complex, who called the song a “stripped-back piece that sets her delicate vocals against an acoustic guitar as she tells her tale of finding closure in the wake of a break-up.”In May 2019, Elina released her debut EP, In Hindsight, a bold first statement sparking standout singles “Wild Enough,”“Champion,”and“Here With Me,”which have garnered 100MM+ Spotify streams alone. 

Before debuting her artist project in April 2018, Elina had already made an impression as a highly sought-after songwriter, penning hits for artists such as Zara LarssonAstrid SNEIKED (“Sexual”), among many more.

About Elina
Growing up in a small village in southern Sweden, Elina began exploring creativity and story telling at a young age. She learned to play guitar in 8th grade and was eventually admitted to renowned Swedish songwriting academy Musikmakarna (whose alumni include LÉON, Skott, NEIKED) where she developed her skills at a higher level. 

With a razor-sharp lyrical sensibility, Elina’s songs tell delicate stories of the vulnerability and uncertainty that makes us unapologetically human – beautifully flawed and courageously resilient. Inspired by the strong history and tradition of Swedish songwriters (Björn and Benny [ABBA], Max MartinCheiron, et al) Elina’s craft has not gone unnoticed, garnering multiple awards including the 2018 ASCAP Pop Award,Best Contemporary Song nomination in the Ivor Novello Awards and a Denniz Pop Award nomination. She was also honored with the Swedish Publishing Awards’ ‘Song of the Year’ for “Sexual” by NEIKED (which she co-wrote).

The transition from songwriting to her own artist project has been a vulnerable yet ultimately enlightening path for Elina, who notes, “I had written a few songs I really loved but hadn’t been picked up by any artist, so I decided to release them myself. Creating this artist ‘persona’ and everything is still very alien but making music on my own terms has been such a healing experience.”

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