Eliza Rose drops debut solo production ‘Move To The’ 

Eliza Rose the East London DJ and vocalist has arrived with her debut solo production, and it epitomises the energy she’s all about. Released on her Rosebud Recordings imprint, ‘Move To The’ combines lineage of the UK underground with soulful lyricism.

Stream Here :

Her voice delicately dancing across beats influenced by the affection she has for the clean house cuts of the early 90s. Seminal UK house labels like Luxury Service Records, Nice n Ripe, Groove Yard, and Reinforced Records have all played a part in the creation of this clean cut groover. 

Eliza spent a decade at famed Flashback record shop earning a formidable collection of vinyl, and a deep appreciation for the roots of where this all began. Her career as a lyricist has seen her write and perform on stand out cuts like Angel D’Lite ‘Pleasure Xone 43’, M4A ‘Shades Of Red’, and with Cody Currie on the ‘Flame’ EP, cementing Eliza as a contemporary and future voice for the next rise of UK club culture, a sentiment dear to her heart.

The lyrics ‘Move To The’ are a love letter to the dance floor, and the freedom Eliza feels when she’s doing her favourite thing. 

“I love dancing. ‘Move To The’ is definitely inspired by that deep love and connection. I was listening to ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ by Deee-Lite a lot, and that must have subconsciously permeated its way into the lyrics, but ultimately they’re about that feeling of being totally into a rhythm and groove on the dance floor. It’s just the most freeing thing. Simple house music is always the best, where there’s not so many elements trying to show off. The early DIY 90s sound before things got more technical – this is what love. It’s very me, it’s what I love to play, and what’s influenced me over the years” – Eliza Rose 

The music video was shot and directed by underground queer performance art collective Faboo TV, and stars Eliza having a party for one in her East London home combining self expression, retro fashion, and surrealism. Watch here:

Director – Jeanie Crystal @jeanie_crystal
Production Assistant – Josh Andraos @joshandraos
Lighting – Emma Jones @emwajones
Camera – Emma Jones @emwajones and Peggy-Sue Cranney @peggysueedits
Edit – Peggy-Sue Cranney @peggysueedits
Hats – @hat.n.spicy 

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