Elliot Lee “Drama Queen”

Brooklyn based thrash rock meets alt-pop artist Elliot Lee (Photo Finish Records) who has emerged on the music scene with wildly vivacious viral hits and bold statements screaming with punk flavored originality.

Entitled “Drama Queen” this is Elliot’s second single from her forthcoming EP Queen of Nothing which tells the story of ‘Queendom’ and the rise and fall of an empire seen through the lens of a tyrannical ruler. In “Drama Queen” Elliot explores materialism as a coping mechanism and the inability to handle criticism. This song and chapter of Elliot’s story marks the beginning of the queen’s downfall as she threatens to burn her empire to the ground and is marked with luscious vocals, an explosive chorus, and unmatched lyrical prowess.

Elliot Lee has a fervent fanbase and has amassed millions of streams and her music has been added to such high profile playlists as Bedroom Pop among many others. 

Brooklyn based artist Elliot Lee fuses dark pop melodies with edgy vocals and innovative Electronic rock soundscapes to create an unpredictable sound, acting as a voice for the voiceless. Elliot Lee holds an awareness of what music that is unhindered by norms can do for the underrepresented. This bravado oozes through the cracks of her homemade music, with tracks that are laced with late night slumber party confessions and existential cognizance. Inspired by the feeling of loneliness, Elliot’s music acts as a reminder that you are never alone.

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