Emma Rae unveils raw and ferocious energy on new pop-rock single ‘Kids These Days’

After cementing herself with her stunning breakthrough single ‘Lifeline’ earlier this year, which has since garnered more than 850k streams since its release, Stamford, CT-based singer and songwriter Emma Rae is back to continue her upward ascent with the blistering new single ‘Kids These Days’.


Bringing back more of that raw and ferocious energy she is known for, ‘Kids These Days’ makes for an instantly impactful and explosive return. Inspired by the frustrations she feels when she looks at the younger generation and the world they have to grow up in, her newest release offers a shining window into her own passionate thoughts and emotions, wrapped in her bold and powerful aesthetic.

Speaking about the new single, she said, “Kids These Days is about the frustration I feel when I think about the kind of world the kids of today are growing up in. I teach music to kids on the side and hearing some of the stuff they think about and go through on a daily basis feels so far removed from how I grew up. Social media plays a massive part in this, they all seem to grow up so much faster than I did. The awkward stage seems to be completely bypassed and the level of maturity needed is much higher than it once was. Its a nostalgic feeling while also feeling anxious, frustrated, and kinda angry. I won’t deny there’s a small jab at GenZ culture in there as well but it’s all in good fun.”

Emma Rae is a pop vocalist and songwriter. Her upbringing in a house with a jazz trombonist father and vocalist/guitarist mother has heavily influenced her writing and musical ear. Emma’s original music and live arrangements flow freely between pop and jazz.

While at Berklee College of Music, she studied under renowned singer-songwriter, Paula Cole, and Scarlet Keys. Emma has won numerous awards throughout her career, including the Excellence in Songwriting Scholarship at Berklee. An accomplished pianist and lyricist, Emma’s music captures the realities of love, loss, and perspective with a sentimentality well beyond her years, as can be heard on her first EP titled ‘Old Oak Heart’.

She has also performed as a background vocalist for Carly Simon, been featured on numerous radio shows, and continues to perform live at various music venues around the Northeast. She graduated in 2015 and has since been performing as well as top-lining and writing new music. Emma is working on a new album, and several singles with her co-writers.