Emotional Afro-Soul track ‘Single’ from PapaRaZzle

AfroPop sensation PapaRaZzle returns with his brand-new track ‘Single’, out 11th November. Steeped in raw, honest emotion, ‘Single’ captures the heartbreak and damage that follows the breakup of a relationship – whilst musically it showcases the Ibadan born, now Liverpool based singer/songwiter’s ability to fuse AfroPop and RnB in a sweet soulful and forward-thinking way.

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This follows recent single ‘Lost’, a well-received release that garnered media support from Ones To WatchCulture Custodian and Wordplay Mag, with both tracks set to feature on his forthcoming EP, set to drop next year.

“I wrote and recorded ‘Single’ at the peak of my heartbreak,” says PapaRaZzle“I was disappointed that a relationship I put a lot of effort, commitment and dedication into didn’t work out. Sometimes love isn’t just enough. The song was recorded in February this year, in Istanbul. I spent some time there alone. At that point I felt like I needed space for myself and for healing. Kryptian (one of the producers of the song) sent me the instrumental and I just said everything on my mind in melodies. Music is my therapy.”

PapaRaZzle is a force to reckon with in the world of music. Since his debut, the widely travelled singer-songwriter has been pushing the frontier of African culture with his songs and music videos, drawing praise from the likes of OkayAfrica and MTV Base in the process. As an Afrocentric artiste, he has consistently rocked African fabric both on stage and in his visuals. Indeed, his artistry reflects in the quality of his music and performances.

His second sizzling single release in quick succession, ‘Single’ further heightens the anticipation for the release of PapaRaZzle’s forthcoming EP.

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