Eunice Keitan blends South American and Southeast Asian soundscapes on the tropical and percussive new song, “Cobalt Sea”

Eunice Keitan is a Malaysian/Canadian singer-songwriter whose music reflects her diverse international background and eclectic influences. With a captivating blend of Neo-Soul and World Folk styles, Eunice creates a unique sonic landscape that is both soulful and innovative.

Her latest offering, “Cobalt Sea,” pushes the envelope a little further by combining South American and Southeast Asian soundscapes. It features both the marimba and gamelan while still remaining in the framework of the soul genre.

Check out the powerful and rhythmic song, “Cobalt Sea”-

Watch the spirited music video where Eunice embodies a sea goddess

At the end of last year, Eunice found herself burnt out, grappling with both mental and physical health challenges. She made the decision to spend several months in Colombia with some family seeking simplicity and a return to her true passion: creating and songwriting. During her stay, she took a Colombian folk percussion class, where she learned to play the tambora and marimba. 

Cobalt Sea” features a Bunde rhythm and chonta marimba from the Pacific region. Traditionally, the compositions and arrangements are meant to mimic the character of the sea with its swelling waves. She was struck by the cultural similarities between Colombia and many Southeast Asian communities, particularly the significance of oral traditions and the communal nature of daily life and music were shared features. Observing how music in both cultures were inspired by everyday life, ceremonies, the land, nature, and, in this case, the sea, she became curious about blending South American and Southeast Asian soundscapes.

“Ombak Biru,” a phrase heard in the song, means “Blue Waves,” in Indonesian and the song was partially inspired by an ancient Indonesian pantun.

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