Polish-born, London-based singer/songwriter Rose White shares new single ‘Evil Side’, out everywhere now. 

Effortlessly fusing pop with elements of soul and funk, Rose names artists like Amy Winehouse, Sia and Joy Crookes as her main influences, and thrives off the ability to portray different themes and emotions through her intimate and evocative storytelling.

With its upbeat instrumental and thought-provoking lyrics, Rose wants the track to act as a message of accepting how diverse we all are. She says, “I wrote this song back in 2018, which was a particularly challenging year for me. I struggled with the feeling of loss and being misunderstood; put my dreams on hold, stopped believing in myself. I found a bliss in alcohol, until I met someone who was willing to take a chance on me and help me find a light in a dark tunnel. Initially I wrote this song for them, but with time the ‘you’ became universal. ‘You’ is whatever helps us stand up when we’re pushed to the ground by the world.

Human beings are not perfect and we all hide an ‘evil side’ inside of us. Instead of suppressing it though, we should learn how to embrace it and take the reins of our own life.”

Growing up in Poland, Rose was always surrounded by music and the arts. Previously a professional ballroom dancer, she started taking vocal lessons at age 15 and played her first concert in her hometown of Szczecin, Poland, and soon realised that singing is her true passion. In 2017, Rose moved to London with £300, two suitcases and a dream to make a name for herself on the UK music scene. Through ups and downs, after one year of collaborating with newly met artists, she released her debut single ‘Ride’ in 2018. The release was a stepping stone in getting recognition from other musicians and sparked some fruitful collaborations and numerous concerts in various London venues.

During the pandemic, Rose wrote most of the material that will be featured on her upcoming debut EP. Rose has taken her experiences and poured it into songs, hoping listeners will relate to her story and find hope in them.

‘Evil Side’ is the first single taken from her long awaited debut EP ‘One Fourth Mark’, set for release in early 2023. The EP is an artistic mark on Rose’s life where she talks about relationships, mental health, and life after turning 25. The EP was recorded in her back garden studio with producer Tommy Sigalov earlier this year. 

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