Ezra Jordan shares new modern pop single ‘Bitter’

Ezra Jordan is an independent singer/songwriter from Toronto. His music draws inspiration from Contemporary Pop, R&B, and Soul and he approaches songwriting with a focus on piano. Since his journey as an artist began, he has amassed 5.5+ million streams on Spotify, 250,000+ views on YouTube, and charted on the radio in the U.S. 

Stream “bitter” here:

Ezra will reveal a more raw, real and emotional sound on his sophomore EP that will allow his fans to dive deep into his psyche and authentic self. His new single “bitter” explores the theme of false positivity. You can’t have the sweet without the bitter.

“The mood I’m trying to capture is blunt honesty. I’m the type of person who has difficulty saying “no”, or admitting when things upset me. When I wrote bitter, I tried to capture the way that I felt when I first realized that if I allowed myself to feel my feelings, admit when something bothered me, and set my boundaries clearly, the hard things in life got a little bit easier.” – Ezra Jordan